The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 11-11-13

Mark Weber, director of the Insitute for Historical Review, joins Kyle to discuss the great lies of the 20th century. The Allied victory in World War II and the subsequent Holocaust industry were essential for creating the impoverished and disgusting world of today, destroying ethnic pride in European peoples, opening up our lands to foreign invaders, and putting Jews in place as our unquestionable rulers.

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10 years ago

Excellent podcast, Kyle. You asked the right questions, and Mark Weber gave the right answers for the most part. I wish that he could have been more specific about the number of Jews who died FROM ALL CAUSES in the German camps in Poland. I have done a lot of research on the subject and I doubt if it was more than three or four hundred thousand. Some were shot on the Eastern Front as partisans or commissars, but most of the rest died as a result of Typhus. That is what the gas chambers and Zyclon B were for. We can thank our “noble” Allied Air Forces for that atrocity.

10 years ago

Really good show, the best one I heard from you so far!
Keep up the good work.

10 years ago

I expected to be more bothered by this interview. As it is, the important issues that I would take with Mark’s position are these: That the necessity of Barbarossa was importantly after the fact of any potential alliance of Belarus, Ukraine, Poland (and more nations) against Soviet invasion. As all of these countries’ nationalist were more than willing to fight the Soviets (and had). Next, there is this starting point of the “should not have” of 20/20 hindsight regarding world war 2, that The US and Britain should not have gotten into the war. It seems to me the more valid “should not have” is that Hitler should not have taken militaristic means against the neighboring countries of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. That would ultimately… Read more »

10 years ago

I desperately need information on Generalplan Ost. If Mark or anyone else knows the facts, please reply.

10 years ago

I asked the question about Cole. It sounds like Weber became a bit defensive, as if there was an insinuation of the IHR as a Jewish front, which was not my intention. Mainly I was curious what he thought of the change in identity (and if you read David’s articles [as Stein], he uses the same arguments used against him back in those days against the IHR). More than that, I wondered what he thought of a Jewish revisionist, who made one of the most referenced documentaries debunking gas chambers, becoming a Holocaust historian – and when outed, still refusing to recant his views from the 1990s. Supposedly, according to his own website anyway, he was even “lauded by President Bill Clinton.” I find that… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

I used to listen to Mark Weber on the “Voice of Reason” and it was nice to hear him again. To bad the interview was so short.

10 years ago

Excellent presentation as usual over here at Renegade!

10 years ago

Agree with the 2 comments above – great interview but way too short. Please get this man back for a 2-3 hour show with more phone calls. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Dino Vettri
10 years ago

Mark Webber is one of the most bright, honest and rightful historian.

Thank you so much for letting us hear his voice.

mark green
10 years ago

This was very good. Keep up the fine work.

10 years ago

Anti Semitism. 500 hundred million Arab people are Semites which include most of the Lebanese and those in the occupied territories. Thus the term Anti Semitism as it only applies to the Jewish people is hogwash.

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