The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 12-16-13

Painting an Honest Historical Picture in a Culture of Lies

Kyle’s guest for the first hour is Mark Weber. They discuss the history of revisionism, why it is important, some of the big names in the field, and what areas should receive the most focus. In the second hour Kyle talks about the current state of our movement and recent news from around the world, takes phone calls, and hails his hero, Ernst Zundel.

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Barry McCleskey

Love the show. Lived in Mannheim while Ernst Zundel was imprisoned there. The point about the U.S. supremacy after WWII needs more emphasis here. Many German cities were in ruins going into the 1960s.

Mark Weber is definitely not on OUR side. He couldn’t answer any of the questions that Bill and I confronted him with. In nmy opinion, the guy is a TOTAL phoney.

Carolyn Yeager is ABSOLUTELY right about Weber. I don’t always agree with her, but in this case, she is right on. Weber has done a great deal of damage to our Cause. I think he has sold out to the Enemy.

I am satisfied about Max Warburg’s not being on the council for the Reichsbank as Deputy, but not with Henry Ford’s dealing with the Soviet Union. The Ford Motor Company signed an agreement with the Soviet Union to produce cars for them on May 31, 1929. That was after two years of visits and negotiations. That means as early as 1927 he was in talks with JEW RUSSIA! A freemason of his stature is no minor/insignificant mason/player. Henry Ford seems to me a total fraud. Mark said that they(his business) went along with America after Pearl Harbor? 1927!! Deal signed on May 31, 1929!!!

After being told by kikejews themselves that ‘jews determine whether there is peace or war’, Henry Ford used The Dearborn Independent newspaper to attack “The International Jew” and promote “The Protocols”. He received little, if any, support from colleagues for doing so, and by 1927 was coerced into selling the paper.

It would be good to know more details about the Soviet Russian connection before condemning Ford as a “total fraud”.

Hitler’s name cleared once again!!! Now we just have to prove he doesn’t really have african and jewish roots in his dna(joking).



A very well handled interview. Also very good questions by Bill and Jim. There are some things that need to be checked out which will need time. How can Mark Weber say that there was anything in Hitler’s last testimony to confirm gassings or extermination ? It is incredible. Also a lot of Jews went missing out of Poland under Stalin. Why should Hitler automatically get the blame? But I am also thinking along the lines where Mark Weber says he didn’t ask to be the Director of the IHR. It sounded almost that he was there under sufferance ! Carolyn Yeager is calling for him to move aside and let someone else in who is able to restore it to a truly revisionist institute.… Read more »

I don’t think Weber should be believed when he said he did not want the job but his Board of Directors (of 4) persuades him to stay on because they are so pleased with his performance. Germar Rudolf , who has a solid reputation for truthfulness, had a very different story about Weber’s board on my show last night. And Fritz Berg reminded us that as Chairman of the Board (the 5th member) Weber controls everything the Board does. Rudolf told us last night that he first met Weber in 1999 when he traveled to his first IHR Conference in California. After talking to Weber he saw he was not doing the job as it needed to be done. He looked Weber right in the… Read more »

Nick Dean

Anyone can come out with the pablum Weber does today about Israel, the War Party, and freedom of speech. Weber is interesting only for being the one man outside establishment institutions that claims to have studied the holo seriously, can be believed on that score, yet says it really happened. He has destroyed the IHR after participating with establishment crooks to take it over from Carto who had built it from nothing. While Carto went on to publish more and new material on the holo, the vast majority of literature that Weber inherited was allowed to go out of print and nothing new appears. Piper would indeed make a good guest dishing the dirt on Weber. Or see: and subsequent shows and Yeager… Read more »

Nick, do you have the evidence for Weber’s crookedness that is “plain to you.” You link to Mike Piper. But where is his evidence really laid out beyond his talking. Why not summarize MP’s long-winded conversations to show the way the whole case against Weber ties together? That would be a service. Believe me, if I had real evidence, like we have about holocaust, I would immediately present it.

When I am critical of someone, I can back it up. Even with John Friend. When you’ve nailed someone, their reaction to it usually confirms it. I have had Mike Piper and Faurisson and many others, too, on my shows. I have been in this a long while, since about 2005.

Nick Dean

CAROLYN, if any honest person had real evidence, like Weber does about the holo non-happening, they’d present it, not lie about it and pretend the holo really happened. And if any honest person knowing the facts about the holo struggled for years to wrest control of the leading holo-denial outfit, it would be to better present holo-denial, not start out on a whole new path. And if any honest person knowing the truth about the holo seriously wanted to challenge Jewish power and influence, they’d see that getting out the truth about the holo was easily the best way to proceed. And if any honest person wanted to take donations for running an institute advertising itself as engaged in historical revisionism, they’d do some goddam… Read more »

There is ample holohoax information available on the internet. Books, articles podcasts, & videos. The gassing tales are absurd, and a cursory investigation demonstrates that. We have all been exposed to the pro-gassing side of it. Obviously one should investigate the counter arguments to the arguments against gassings. Anyone that does that in an objective rational manner will learn rather quickly that the gassing claims are bunk. There are NO credible counter arguments. There are NO credible arguments in favor of the gassing claims. When Weber was given an opportunity to offer evidence he offered irrelevant nonsense that would only impress the typical yokel – only fool fools. There is NO way that Weber does not know that. He gives no rational credible reasons for… Read more »

Kyle, just wanted to say, I was made aware you were going to interview Mark Weber right before I went on air with my own show. By time I got to the rest of your live show the “gassing” mini shit storm was gong on. This afternoon was when I finally got a chance to listen to the beginning of your broadcast, it was a great conversation on a range of perspectives relating to how in America, “official” history or “selective” history ect. forms the public’s perceived reality whether it be real, tainted projections, or just fanciful wishing. I found it a very skillful interview extracting from Mark’s perspective on what the IHR was, is, and future role and challenges. The clarification on IHR taking… Read more »

Joe, are you a Mark Weber fan too? I would just like that clarification.

Carolyn, Let’s just get this straight so there is no misunderstanding. I am a man, not a boy who needs another man to look up to and idolize. My comment was about the broadcast and quality of Kyle’s interview,. As I stated above, I got there late and in the middle of a “mini shit storm”. When I reviewed it from the beginning, I thought Kyle did a very high quality interview that let Weber state his past, present, and future direction of the IHR. Now the questions about his views on the holohoax, well, I was already aware of them. Also it confirmed my assessment that as far as the holohoax, Weber and the IHR has and will become irrelevant as time goes on.… Read more »

Alison Reely

Very well said Joe! Especially the part about “I am a man, not a boy who needs another man to look up to and idolize.” 🙂 I’m glad someone finally said that to the likes of Carolyn et al. These people seem to think that they have the “best” truth about the topics they deal with and therefore can somehow talk down to those they deem “lessers” with such unqualified disdain. It’s one thing to offer friendly debate to the table with the aim of sharing ideas & knowledge so that everyone with their hearts in the right place may benefit but another entirely to assume some air of authority over all those you think are just newbies, on the wrong path or (in your… Read more »

Alison Reely
I understand you may get turned off by some real or perceived arrogance by some personalities. But let us never forget their contributions and realize it is their shoulders we do stand upon. Also it was much more difficult and expensive to investigate.
In some cases as with Zundel, at great cost they brought forth the truths then left at our finger tips. Are they arrogant, do we take for granted ??
Better to balance it all out and march forward.

Alison Reely

Oh I mainly agree Joe, don’t worry 🙂 And certainly no problem with Zundel who you mention – a true hero. I’m sure it’s probably just a case of people getting all reactionary at first then coming back down to sense of rationality somewhat. My comment was aimed more at anyone who continues to maintain an unmoving attack-dog stance “I’m right & you’re wrong (so it’s my way or the highway)”. I can’t stand that and it gets us nowhere.

Unbelievable. Weber used Himmler’s “secret speech” where he used the word “ausrottung” as “evidence” of gas chambers. This is total bullshit and he knows it. “Ausrottung” can be used abstractly as in “the liberal mindset must be extirpated/destroyed/routed out/(ausrottung), etc.” Here is a couple of examples of it’s usage by Hitler in Mein Kampf, translated to English: THE NATIONALISATION OF OUR PEOPLE CAN ONLY SUCCEED WHEN ITS INTERNATIONAL POISONERS ARE EXTIRPATED/DESTROYED[ausrottung] IN A POSITIVE STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF OUR PEOPLE EXTIRPATION/DESTRUCTION[ausrottung] OF “A CERTAIN NATIONAL SPIRITUAL WORLD” BY MARXISM THE BOLSHEVISATION OF GERMANY MEANS THE EXTIRPATION/DESTRUCTION[ausrottung] OF NATIONAL GERMAN ETHNIC INTELLIGENCE Full list: It’s pretty clear that Himmler’s use of ausrottung was referring to kicking the Jews out of Germany NOT exterminating them… Read more »

Thank you. Let’s get this straight also: Letting Weber “state his past, present, and future direction of the IHR,” misrepresenting the facts about himself and the Institute, with no one there who could challenge his “facts,” is the criticism I would make. Bring Weber on with just ONE of his critics who was there and knew what went on and then see how he does. In any case, you can hear part of the story from two of his critics here: … and compare it to what Weber said on this program.

But I also appreciate that Renegade Broadcasting brings Mark Weber on so he can hang himself with his own words. Thanks Kyle!

HAHAHAHA damn Carolyn you can be a pain in the ass, but I love you.


Carolyn Yeager is very wrong about John Friend. In fact, Carolyn Yeager lacks adequate critical thinking skills and intellectual honesty. To attack and condemn someone merely for having certain guests on his show illustrates her crippled thinking. Why don’t you attack Kyle for having Weber on his show, Carol? Not only did you attack John Friend for having certain guests – you conspicuously refrain from doing so with Kyle. Two-faced behavior if we ever witnesses any… Carolyn Yeager also denies that the holy hoax was a PsyOp. Geez Carolyn….what’s next?

John Friend was warned about engaging in the “conspiracy shell game”, but he would not listen.

He is on his own.


Bob in DC, To my understanding, John Friend has been exposing the central role of media in public deception campaigns. He discusses the history of the practice and the methods employed. If you’re calling that “the conspiracy shell-game” you need to become educated on the subject. The fact is that media deception is pervasive. It is the PRIMARY WEAPON being used by the jews against us. This is not a game and it is not “made up”. It is a fact. Obviously there are certain factions that do not want this basic fact understood by a wider public. Hence the attacks on John Friend. BTW, there is no rule, regulation or law now in force that prohibits the jews from intentionally lying on broadcast news.… Read more »

Agreed 100% Pat

“…media deception is pervasive.” No kidding! “By deception thou shalt do war.” My rule is that to take a firm stance on any aspect of conspiracy, or facsimile thereof, I must honestly answer to myself: “Will I die for this?” This way I usually avoid falling for the ‘shell game’ where kikejews (or occasionally jewthinkers) know under which shell (aspect) lies the truth. (In either case, the ‘spin’ will nearly always be against our best interests.) Currently, I stand firm on only one: The Controlled Demolition of World Trade Center Seven Is The Smoking Gun of Nine Eleven This prima facie evidence is clear and simple. Those who don’t see it, or refuse to, I bypass with little or no comment. Along with the good… Read more »


Bob in DC, I think that people are somehow tying John Friend to the mast of the S.S. Simon Shack – and then shooting holes in it. That practice implies guilt by association. That practice is a text-book logical fallacy and a fallacious argument. Whether or not Simon Shack is a jew or some kind of disinformation agent is an entirely separate subject apart from what John Friend has presented. The basic premise that John Friend was recently talking about was the fact that it can be very difficult or impossible to distinguish whether a certain segment of video was a Direct Camera Capture of a real-life scene – or not. The technology to produce a video scene entirely in software existed prior to 9/11.… Read more »

Pat — So many words, so little content.

Admittedly, though, there were no planes at World Trade Center Seven.



I have not yet heard what Mark Weber has to say that has so many upset with him. It is not good that there be disunity and schisms in the white nationalist community. All this debate over the socalled holocaust is unproductive. The real question we have to deal with is what is good for white people? If we don’t get that right the rest won’t matter. Right now we are facing a big or little ice age and radiological contamination from Fukushima and it is my judgement that these things are not good for white people and next to these things the so called holocaust and revisionism doesn’t matter one bit. If it makes you all feel better you can blame the Jews for… Read more »

Nick Dean

Weber is not a White nationalist (or holo denier or antisemite). He rejects all forms of waycism.

So Alison Reely’s comments about infighting are moot too.

It’s proper to correct Weber where he is wrong and criticize him where he’s corrupted and laid to waste good causes and organisations.

Has anyone researched this corporal Richard Bock at 38:58? Has he been exposed as a fraud? Seems compelling to me. The jews are the most destructive force the world has ever known. With the german’s (great) nationalist ideas at the time, the only logical thing to do was to get rid of these nation wrecking vermin one way or another. The germans lost in north africa so they could’nt push on to the levant. Where could they have possibly resettled the jews? Teutonic people are very thorough with all pursuits. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that there was an attempt at a final solution to this hebrew scurge humanity faces? If I were callin the shots, I myself would give the order to… Read more »


Bob in DC,

So many braincells and such a tiny IQ. To what do you attribute your lack of reading comprehension?

“They used the jewish tactics of … ad hominem attacks …”



agree totally brsrkr, i think much of the revisionist scene is because they are trying to fight their own guilt complex, at least half of it, or as much as it is motivated to re-educate the sheep. they basically want to take the teeth out of nazism, which is a mistake. it should be feared by our enemies, because when it returns, it will be even more merciless, and they should expect nothing less. and these people think that when Mark Weber makes a statement he’s doing it because he’s on the side of the Jews, couldn’t be further from the truth, as he said, “no sleep lost” on the vermin who were put down – i hear all the time – “but the women… Read more »

To Antiochus… Absolutely. The germans did it… and I don’t blame them for doing it. Since there is an Israel now, we can forcefully ship them, and quarantine them there. Hitler did’nt have that choice… Fuck the Arab Palestenians, they have several Arab lands they can escape jewish aggression to, and why every last one has’nt done so yet baffles the mind. Give the Jews Israel, watch them closely, and everyone’s happy. Whats the whole argument over “Zionism”? Let them have the Levant. We can’t afford them here any longer. I like how anti-hebrew David Duke is, but what’s his alternative…let them come back to western lands after palestine is given back to the Arabs? FUCK THAT!!!! Killing them is probably not a rational option… Read more »


Mark Weber averred that the cluster of concentration camps including Sobibor
may perhaps have had gas chambers.
There is an excellent and compelling documentary, albeit four and a quarter hours
long, which addresses the evidence for these concentration camps being “extermination
camps”. I expect Mark Weber has not seen the film; but it is readily available on the internet including at The title is:

I can’t believe you used the word “averred”. I will check out your suggestion… I seek the truth. I refuse to believe that we are destined to extermination because of what the germans did to the rats 70 years ago… NorthWest Front!!!