The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 12-2-13

Rise of The White Rabbits pt. 3

Horus the Avenger from White Rabbit Radio returns to the show for an exciting discussion, covering a wide variety of topics, such as: How Whites Took Over America part 2, the massive nationalist demonstrations in the white world, recent successes in battling the anti-whites, bringing the movement to the next level, mythological mayhem, and much more. Tune in for what is sure to be a fun, fast-paced show.

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10 years ago

“Dominance of the internet leads to dominance of the streets!”

Reply to  Bob in DC
10 years ago

Bob did 911.

Paul Von Tyrant
10 years ago

Excellent show, Kyle! Horus brought up a lot of excellent topics. And excellent comment, Bob.The way they have the deck stacked against us, I’ll take dominance any where I can get it.

10 years ago

Vedy….vedy….intavesting……… kraZy NotsEES.
Love people who think out of the box, doesn’t mean they are right about anything, but what it does is stretch the parameters and imagination to constructively conclude actions and events so foreign to our normal thought patterns. And that is essential to our survival,growth, and thriving in hostile environments.

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

It’s fun to listen to Horus when he starts to head in the direction of lala-land.

Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

I think Horus has the whole Neanderthal thing backwards. Read up at I think it makes more sense that we are the descendants of them. I can’t picture the Jews ancestors being from the frozen north(surviving up there takes work!) That and the ‘Hollywood propaganda’ does not show Neanderthals as smart nor attractive. Rather they are shown as dirty and stupid. I wouldn’t put much stake in their depictions of the Neanderthal(which does look like the Jew as many who promote this theory point out.) The Jews are the result of much interbreeding, they don’t have any one group of ancestors and considering how much they mixed with us that would explain the study Horus read. He’s right about the alien propaganda though. If… Read more »

Kevin Sommers
Reply to  Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

As for the last segment my belief if that at one time we were all Gods and as a choice we decided that we needed to put limitations on our power(Without limitations and challenges, there is only chaos. Without anything to oppose you, you have nothing to learn from, and from that stagnation comes decay.) My explanation for all the ‘alien’ stuff and the stories of Hyperborea and such things is that when we first were put on Earth we still had some of those powers. And again we proved ourselves irresponsible with them. I think the Jews are those who wish to return to this realm of… let’s be blunt, hedonism and chaos. From that point(and I think the ‘Tower of Babel’ moment in… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

Yeah yeah, all great and dandy, but my belief is much simpler, more relevant.
That is, if we don’t get our shit together, our next and final move will be, to stick our heads between our legs and KISS OUR ASSES GOODBYE!

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

I disagree, although Neanderthal remains have been found in Germany, that doesn’t mean they weren’t spread to other regions or that they have came from the north. I don’t know if the longer nose would be an adaptation to the cold, as some say.
What i can observe is that peoples from the Middle East and North Africa, and the jews, sephardic jews in particular, display obvious physical carachteristics of the Neanderthal
much more often than Europeans, and within Europe this is almost limited to the border areas of the continent.
But i am just an observer. Some say that establishing patterns and conclusions through observation is a pseudo-science. I will leave the rest for honest anthropologists!

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