The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 12-9-13

Machinations of The Anti-White Agenda

Kyle’s guest is Tanstaafl, host of Age of Treason Radio on The White Network. They will be discussing the nature of jewish power, the anti-white agenda, and how we can best combat their schemes. Calls will be taken in the second hour.

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The talk of songs makes want to throw these two out there. They are both by Pitchshifter Microwaved – Lyrics – systematic abuse on a daily basis. you’re a racist (you don’t know why?). evidence of your intrusions, multiplied by my contusions. you can’t suture the future (though you might try). because we’re cut, dried, microwaved, safe in the knowledge that we’ll all be saved. you say there’s no black in the union jack but you can’t give me a single reason why. I say there’s no common wealth in the commonwealth ’cause it’s the colour of your money matters since the day the country died. and don’t you read the papers? economics is gonna save us and “science never sleeps.” Please Sir –… Read more »


After a year of listening to renegade this is the first time I have felt duped…this guy is full of shit. Forget the holohoax and 9/11, those are conspiracy theories, I just hate the Jews…except my jewish wife and father-in-law.

I’m guessing this clown is ranting about the “fake Jews” aka the khazars or “synagogue of Satan”? We white people are the true 12 tribes of Israel lol

Kevin Sommers

Hey, I’m skeptical of the guy too but he does advocate excluding himself and his family from our future nation. I think he’s legitimate, and I’ve heard a few of his shows and he’s never talked about such crap. Personally, I would have dropped the Jewish wife and family immediately if I was in his situation, but I guess his moral code is different than mine, doesn’t make him a shill. I wouldn’t want to be in his situation, that’s for sure.

Kevin Sommers

I was of the belief that we ‘needed’ the Jews to further our evolution, but you guys helped me realize how dangerous of an idea that is. Jew or not, I think it was inevitable that our weaknesses would be exploited eventually. Don’t get me wrong, it’s obvious they are directly harmful. Any good that could come of our situation is that they’ve called attention to our weaknesses so that we know they are there. Still, a dangerous line of thought as it might imply that we need them or that they are only trying to help us or some other crap. Whenever any thought of going easy on them enters your mind, just think of how many ways they target our children. That’s all… Read more »

Kevin Sommers

Eh, Kyle the Nazis were far too nice. Tan is right about the one drop rule. David Cameron for example, Jew or Not Jew lists that he has one Jewish ancestor, his great-great-grandfather. Yet, his agenda is 100% Jewish.

What’s the number, 109 times they’ve found their way back into our nations? We have DNA research now, and we’re in the age of weapons of mass destruction. Let’s stop being nice here and be practical. Let’s not risk our children so that we don’t offend a few Jews.

The Jews have a way of finding their way into all groups as it ensures that they ever lose completely. It only takes one Jew in a society… with one drop in their blood.

Regarding a Jewish ancestor, I guess it’s relevant to go to a post by the guest, Tanstaafl, about the new president of Venezuala. Interesting comments too:


Heres what you need to know about commie camerons lineage:


I understand your hesitance to call him a shill, but hear me out. Loyalty is the most honorable attribute and if he is dishonoring his own flesh and blood how can we trust his word? If I had a Jewish wife and children they would be my one and only priority.

We dont hate Alex Jones because he is loyal to his Jewish family, we recognize where his loyalties lie and despise him for being a Jewish funded false opposition leader in the movement.

Kevin Sommers

I’m of the belief that race comes before family(though fortunately for me my family is all white) and I think Tan is follows this philosophy as well. I don’t take his words at face value like I would with most people in this movement, I’m always conscious of exactly what Tan is saying just in case his loyalty does change. But, he’s never said anything that I feel makes him untrustworthy and really I find myself agreeing with him more than some other people in the movement. He takes a more ‘extreme’ route than most people saying that we must eliminate every drop of Jewish blood from our society(including his family when the time comes), if he was untrustworthy I’d expect him to bring in… Read more »


Great show kyle, My point of view is the work this gentleman has put in to creating a platform for pro white voices makes his personal familial choices seem somewhat irrelevant. I can personally reccomend the voice of albion on the white network for any british people who want to know about the history of the National Front. Great work Renegade youve certainly given us something to think about..


i have no issue with this guy – he said all the right things – in fact, he was too apologetic – the man appears completely genuine and is a great asset, i don’t care what others think. The power of the Jews is the way they Judaize – which is why we must Aryanize, what a truly amazing interview, I concur with Frank.

White Guard

Does this guy have Jewish children or only a Jewish wife?


Kyle, I have placed a comment under Dana’s interview of Mark Weber. If it is true that you will be interviewing Mark Weber, please take a couple of minutes to read my comment.


Tan is a gentleman and has the guts of a giant to suffer the abuse he does in service to his people.

He is one of my fav and most trustworthy writers in WN today.

Irish Sean

Considering neither Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, John Major or Thatcher etc had Jew blood. making a big deal about Camerons 1/16 jew parentage seems irrelevant. It is our own traitors that are the real problem.Mary is right on Tan,he is definitely a righteous gentile lol .


Youre right of course, although Camerons ancestry is the typical kike story of jews marrying into aristocracy, one of his ancestors being king william IV, and an article attributed to the daily mail also postulating that cameron may well be descended from moses himself [lol?] …but, i digress, as per the sham two party system, it looks possible that the next election will end up in hung parliament or cameron being unseated ….by the opposition leader whos more jew than cameron, the lisping assassin Ed milliband