The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 2-28-14

Political Freedom in America

Kyle’s guest tonight is Merlin Miller, well-known filmmaker, writer, and politician. The discussion will touch upon Merlin’s background, his 2012 presidential bid, the American Freedom Party, breaking free from two-party democracy, gaining power through practical politics, foreign affairs, and more.

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10 years ago

I wonder if Merlin ever met Tom Laughnin?

10 years ago

Merlin would have a far greater chance of success at the local level in politics, if any chance at all. Regarding Merlin’s call of taking America back, the 1950s are never coming back to America, it would require the repatriation of tens of millions of non-whites, and perhaps the expulsion of many liberals and leftists. The truth has been plain for 60 years, yet the political establishment has marched the country inexorably to the left. This, and Supreme Court judicial review has ensured no right of center victories.

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