The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 2-4-14

Molding Minds with Psychological Operations

Tom in Connecticut joins the show to discuss recent psy ops, multiracial propaganda, Cass Sunstein, “conspiracy theories”, reaching a larger audience, and regaining control of reality.

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10 years ago

Here are the shows of Tom on the Realist Report…They may not be in order…You can get them in order at John’s Talkshoe archive here…

PSYOPS and information warfare

Information Warfare and Psyops



Sandy Hook 2013/ 08/ the-realist-report-with-john-friend_15.html

White Guilt 2013/ 10/ the-realist-report-with-john-friend_9.html

9/11 2013/ 09/ the-realist-report-with-john-friend_11.html

Cass Sunstein/Conspiracy Theories Part I 2013/ 10/ the-realist-report-with-john-friend_28.html

CS/CT part II

10 years ago

Dallas Goldbug guy whatever his name is an obvious disinfo guy. Look at how many people accept the jews stories about their false flags because they can point to this guy as somebody they think ‘owns’ the concept of fakery.

He puts out ridiculous stuff and people who should know better SITE HIM as some sort of leader. People do have trouble discerning fact from fiction indeed. In short…He is a FUGAZI.

A girl named Betsy Lee McGee thoroughly destroys him here…

One more from her…about ‘Superwitness Steve Silva! Snowden is a FRAUD American Leaders Joke About Killing Veterans and Children

10 years ago

Awesome Fuckin’ Show!

10 years ago

It is important to ‘Know’ something is bullshit…Deception in media is the jews primary weapon…It is literal mind and brain poison directed at your soul and it is a welcome guest into all of your family and friends homes…It is above suspicion and is free to operate as a child molester would if you let one in your house…You have to look at it that way…No trust in Media…Period…It is a witness that is caught lying on the witness stand…It must be removed from the stand and its testimoy disregarded completely… Tom really nails down the point here about this fakery business and what ‘the village idiot’ might think of you and ‘societal norms’…You gotta watch this short seven minute video… Mirror of… Read more »

Tom in CT
Reply to  DaveMansfield
10 years ago

Dave, You got it! Probably the best way to treat enemy propaganda – is to treat it as enemy propaganda. Makes sense – right? But people keep right on drinking form a known polluted source. Someone said that “we shouldn’t be playing the Conspiracy Shell Game”. There is a significant difference between analyzing a story and being an active participant in a shell game. If you’re walking down the street and you see somebody running a 3 Card Monty game – you can recognize it as a scam without engaging as an active participant. The rational person will notice the sidewalk scam and keep walking. They won’t try to engage the scammer and start playing 3-Card Monty because any knowledgeable person understands that you simply… Read more »

Chris (ausaryan)
10 years ago

I tell you what. I am a university dropout. I was to be teacher. With a passion for teaching still burning after almost 10 years, I would homeschool other white peoples children.

Tom in CT
Reply to  Chris (ausaryan)
10 years ago


I’m looking into the feasibility of creating some sort of network that would enable White people to homeschool their kids – who might not otherwise be able to afford to do so. There are quite a few single mothers out there who have to work and homeschooling is simply not an option for them under this system.

We all understand how utterly damaging, mind-warping and anti-White the bolshevik school system is. I don’t think it would be very difficult to sell people on the idea of homeschooling if it were made accessible.

We need to figure out how to fund the effort.

Something like this would go a long way towards ensuring a future for our people.


Reply to  Tom in CT
10 years ago

Dr. Lori discussed this on show 76, “The Doctor In In” on 26 January; link at my name above.


10 years ago

Shitbang!!!!!! This is the crux Kyle. How can you “wake up”….if you don’t know what you have woken up from? This media mind control is the beast. Take it from me my Irish friend….” The truth needs no propaganda”. Awesome show per usual.

LOLocaust survivor Moshe
10 years ago

Hi Kyle,great shows you have on RB.One request though,could you make it skype-call available,please? Most of your callers are from the United States of (soon to be) Africa.Making a phone call from JudeoEurope, can be expensive.Greetings to all RB lads,particularly Mike.

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