The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 4-11-14

Investigating Hitler’s Revolution

Author Richard Tedor joins Kyle to discuss Hitler’s Revolution, a fascinating book that details the Third Reich’s ideology, social programs, and foreign affairs. Of particular interest tonight will be the treasonous activities of some of the military’s top brass.

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Kyle, I really enjoyed this interview, despite the chat room static. You led the guest through the topics and themes of his book in a logical fashion and explored the ancillary events. The author, presented and interpreted the documentation he resurrected from that place in history, letting them speak for themselves as opposed to taking the reader on a safari of speculation and conspiracies. I like many are aware that more recent uncovered and declassification of foreign intrigue and collusion belonging to that history has shed light upon the hidden hands that truly molded it. But Richard Tedor’s book is not about all that, it is more of the fundamentals,events, and intrigue on German soil that made and plagued the Reich’s efforts to raise up… Read more »


A must read, and an excellent interview Kyle.
I am in between Hitler’s Revolution and The March of The Titans, and am constantly amazed at how ignorant not only I have been, but the population in general is.
It is beyond disheartening to think of how incredibly dumbed down and unaware government school produced folk are, intentionally.
Since starting these two, I feel inspired and empowered with the truth!
Feelings that are often hard to come by in this ”modern”, degenerated by jewish control post-war era.
Books like these are so worth the investment, and are more valuable than gold to our children and kin of every age.
I thank you Kyle, Richard, and the commenter who suggested this interview a few weeks ago.


Great interview Kyle! I’m looking forward to reading Tedor’s book. Based on the treason against the National Socialist government by the aristocracy and clergy that Richard describes, it make one wonder if Hitler lost the war because he was too nice. Stalin routinely purged the ranks of his officers at the slightest hint of treason or lack of loyalty. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the Soviets were so successful.

Fantastic show. Great interviewer and interviewee, along with a tremendous amount of data presented, much of it news to me. “Hitler’s Revolution,” is a great meme, in that it depicts the reality of what transpired and not WWII or the German aggression, etc. No doubt, it will be a fantastic read as well, at The Barnes Review.