The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 4-22-13

Might of The New Right – Greg Johnson, editor of Counter Currents, joins the show to discuss strategy for organizing a New Right in America and abroad. How can we best utilize the perverse political atmosphere, growing disenfranchisement and disillusionment of white people, and the rising interest in nationalism to create something strong and lasting?

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11 years ago

Great show. Yes, tomorrow belongs to us!

11 years ago

Kyle, how about a future show detailing the case of Edgar J Steele? You could perhaps invite his wife to talk about it on the show. This is, IMO, an important thing to discuss which we shouldn’t allow to be brushed beneath the rug. It’s a clear cut case of Government corruption. The supposed evidence that incarcerated him is publicly available, and anyone can tell it is a fraud. What it demonstrates is that this could happen to any of us, especially those who have decided to rid themselves of anonymity by bringing these ideas we hold to the front lines. While many innocent people are imprisoned in this country, a case such as this, where the faulty evidence can be heard by us all,… Read more »

Reply to  Dodoria
11 years ago

I will look into this, thanks. Do you have any contact information or his wife?

Reply to  admin
11 years ago

I don’t, the best way to reach her though would probably be through the website though.

If you go to his ConspiracyPenpals website his old nickle-rant audio files are a good listen. He was very articulate and well spoken, his charisma combined with knowledge of the law were most likely his undoing.

11 years ago

I really liked this show. Mr. Johnson makes cogent points that should not be ignored. Too bad broadcast was so choppy…
it was still well worth listening to. Renegade Broadcasting is getting better and better. Thank you for everything you do to keep it going. I am truly impressed.

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

There aren’t too many websites promoting the outstanding works of Savitri Devi, Jonathan Bowden and, in my mind, the leading thinker of the Right, Julius Evola. So for doing so, Greg Johnson deserves a standing ovation. But what is this I see at his website now? A Johnson-approved guy named Matt parrots the official Boston Marathon Bombing conspiracy theory: those two Chechens (the patsies) did it; guilty until proven otherwise. And in the same article Matt parrots the Pharmacratic Inquisition’s official view on HIV/AIDS. (The much maligned Bob Tuskin has at least one thing right: his take on HIV/AIDS.) For a sober view on Boston check out Bro Nat’s latest video “Boston’s Prelude to Martial Law”, and Dennis Fetcho’s latest installment . I’d like… Read more »

Yukihiro Kitaguni
11 years ago

I’m sure many Renegades have seen this ten minute comedy, but if you haven’t, watch Adolf Hitler visit Israel and preach his new doctrine of diversity. Hilarious.

11 years ago

Thanks 4 sharing the truth + exposing the lies Kyle ! What do you think about gathering in the Northwest, like some have proposed ? Should we form a close knit community of like minded individuals away from the crime infested cities ? I have some ideas if your interested, concerning a self reliant food source etc…. The way Jewish Bolshevism = Cultural Marxism = international Communism is pushing its agenda full force, its absolutely crucial we prepare in order to preserve & survive whats coming !

i appreciate everything + cheers,


11 years ago

Kyle where do I find that german song on an older show of yours? I think it was called I shit on your world or something. Good song but cant find it online anywhere. Great show btw

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