The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 4-29-13

Kyle deals with some of the perverted, disgusting, and destructive passages in the Bible, reflects upon religious zealotry and terrorism, and may get into some of the occult crafting of religious constructs. Special guests and callers might stop by to weigh in on these issues.

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11 years ago

Understanding the faiths (not just Christian) has been the main dilemma I have had for many years. I have come to the conclusion that almost all men have a NEED to believe in something greater than themselves–the “G-factor” that Dr. Ramashandran of the USD department of neuroscience hypothesized some years back. Here’s my spin on Christianity generally as far as that faith goes with western/European man, for two thousand years Christian men have led–more or less moral/good lives DESPITE Christianity. This means that the underneath the coating of religion European man’s inner qualities shine through despite all the BS and destructiveness weaved spun out of believing in the jibber -jabber of some jewish fable from the desert——-so even after two thousand years of indoctrination and… Read more »

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