The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 4-4-14

Kyle’s guest is Olaf Childress, publisher of The First Freedom newspaper. The discussion will center around Olaf’s many years of dedicated activism, our current racial struggle, the need for quality alternative media, the legacy of the South, and much more.

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10 years ago

Exactly right. The focus must be on the media, entertainment, and health industries. It’s a two step process, getting ourselves independent from the Jewish controlled organizations of the above, and then creating our own.

If we ‘overthrow the government’ we’re just end up with a group of corporations, likely headed by Google(considering some of their recent acquisitions) stepping in and we’re see another holodomor. Overthrowing a government when you are far from the strongest group around is beyond stupid. All you’ll be doing is destroying the red tape that is slowing down our genocide by allowing a more monolithic and oppressive Jewish group to gain power.

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

Google isn’t a military power, fool. Destruction of the government means the reduction of overall military(/paramilitary) strength, and the transfer of some of it into our hands. There is no hope for the White race unless Empire America is toppled, and not merely to have the same old bosses hanging up a new sign on the same old order.

God, you sound like a progressive. “Government is the only thing stopping government oppression from being even worse!”

Take your scardey-cat half-measure dead-ender crap back to the GOP where it belongs.

Reply to  blackacidlizzard
10 years ago

Now,now, there’s no need to break out the “p-word”. we’re all pro-white here. i can see your side, but remember that there is some truth on the other side of the argument as well. Euromaidan was a stunning example of what happens when a White Revolution fails. We all saw WHY it failed. Yes we need to go for the gold and accept nothing less than a white homeland where we have TOTAL power over our own destiny, but if a group of fat cat Jews is watching they may very well put in their bid for our slice of the pie. I know it’s going to piss some people off,but we can’t start off with a bid to topple jewish power in our own… Read more »

Tom in CT
10 years ago

I’m seeing an interesting pattern develop. The guest is pushing HoloHoax Revisionist stories that objectively have little interest in the minds of the public due to its remote historical placement and also due to the massive amount of public brainwashing on the matter. At the same time, the guest is pushing the Official Sandy Hook Narrative as being “true”. How about Oswald being the “lone gunman”? Is that “true” also? At the present time, the NUMBER ONE weapon being used against you is Deception transmitted to you via the Media. Investigating the methods they use is very important. Pointing out the historical similarities among other Deception Operations is also important. Deception Operations conducted against a mass Target Audience are designed to subdivide the Target Audience… Read more »

Reply to  Tom in CT
10 years ago

Tom, would you please source your claim as to the Sandy Hook families winning the lottery? That seems to be a key point to your whole position on Sandy Hook and I am wondering where you got it. On another note, I have to wonder what the best stance on the issue would be propaganda wise. Considering the recent shooting at Fort Hood(which appeared to be a result of psychiatric medication) and the hiding of Lanza’s medical record.. I think that is a key point to focus on. I don’t know about you but I’d much rather hammer in how dangerous these medications are that are forced on white children worldwide than I would deal with any other aspects of the case. You have to… Read more »

10 years ago

Olaf did nothing but divert away from where the current success is: White Mans March Have to say the more ah discussed, the more those of British Stock will look for other avenues. The first White Day March 15th was tops and helping me get youth interested up here with British Canadians. See problem though ? As soon as whiff of ah, up here people take off. Keeping the concept of NOW 2014 with Diversity=White Genocide is tops.

10 years ago

I had the same reservations. However, if we don’t let the traitors in our governments take advantage of emotions to restrict our freedoms, it doesn’t matter whether these events are true or false. We simply cannot allow our Rights to be taken away for any reason. Neither knee-jerk reactions to singular events, nor deference to minority special interests is justification for infringement of our Rights. We KNOW that there are criminals in our government. We MUST NOT suffer them the power to take advantage of mass hysteria, whether the events are real or not. Arguing about conspiracies is a waste of breath while our power and strength is yanked from under our feet.

Ed from NY
10 years ago

I was wondering if you had thought about getting a Ustream or Livestream account and either livestreaming White marches and events or broadcasting videos and interviews already recorded. I don’t know what they’re freedom of speech policy is but it would afford this movement yet another platform to educate and bring the truth out about the plight of our people. I really appreciate all you do and your positive energy. Thank You Kyle.

10 years ago
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