The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 4-8-13

The White Wave – Kai Murros joins the show to discuss pan-European white nationalism, what he thinks needs to be done in order to secure a future for our people, and his visions and hopes for the years to come.

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7 years ago

STELLAR SHOW! Mr. Murros is an incredibly positive voice in this maelstrom of BS. Thank you, Kyle.

7 years ago

can you post mp3 links, please? i need this to be portable.

great initiative btw!

Reply to  anon
7 years ago

mp3 links can be found here:
Thanks for listening.

7 years ago

Kyle, just wanted to congratulate you on the quality of this interview. Kai is of course a great guest, but it should also be pointed out that your interviewing skills are superb. I wasn’t aware of this website until I saw it linked at Majority Rights, but I’ll definitely be listening to more of your shows. Excellent, professional level work.

Reply to  Trainspotter
7 years ago

Much appreciated, Trainspotter! I hope you check out some more of the interviews I’ve done, as well as some of the solo shows. We also have some other great hosts here.

7 years ago

didn’t you guys recently in july do an interview with kai murros? here is that located?

Reply to  mike strobach
7 years ago
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