The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 6-10-13

Dennis Wise, producer of Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told, is the guest for this show to discuss his great documentary. What are some of the biggest lies about the most (in)famous person of the 20th century? How does the mass media hypnosis concerning NS Germany continue to negatively impact our whole worldview today?

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7 years ago

Great show Kyle. I just finished part 4 of this great documentary. This has to be made a must watch for all.

Reply to  troubles
7 years ago

Glad to hear it, trubs.

7 years ago


Good show as always.

I’ve been following the many parts of “Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told”. Besides the initial video parts when he used some Hollywood documentary footage about Hitler and specially the part that tried to explain the reasons behind the use of the HAKENKREUZ which are not facts at all, I think the overall video work is quite good.

There is a lot to say, show and read about the higher ideals and spiritual concepts that Hitler and the NSDAP tried to promote.


Reply to  Germanusgott
7 years ago

I forgot, nice topic to end the show, the ILLUMINATI. In relation to this. I think Mike Sledge did a great show about LUCIFER and before this topic came about I for quite sometime came to the same realization after some research. It is important to debunk all this LUCIFERIAN stuff that appears everyday the same as the ILLUMINATI topic and the HITLER topic which have all something in common that what is presented is totally opposed of the reality. There are a couple of books about the real ILLUMINATI and their ideas and goals that must be analyzed in the proper historical context. In relation with the social and political ideas there in parallel an esoteric background that comes along also much in relation… Read more »

Reply to  Germanusgott
7 years ago

Thank you, Germanus. I am glad you liked the content of the show.

7 years ago

Anybody know how to contact the creator of the film? His name is Dennis Wise(not the ex footballer)would like to interview him. if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated.

Reply to  Abel
7 years ago

Reply to  MediSin
7 years ago

Thanks, Casey. I sent the email address to Abel privately, so hopefully he does the interview and posts it here for us.

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