The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 7-29-13

The Hidden History of White Slaves

White people have been slaving in horrid conditions throughout history and up until the present day. Topics include: white slaves in North Africa, white slaves in North America, white slaves in Israel, white children as sex slaves, white wage slaves, and more. Why has this essential information been completely “white-washed”? Because once we realize we are bound in servitude, we finally have a chance to free ourselves with furious resolve.

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10 years ago

Kyle: Thanks for such an informative and telling show. I enjoyed it very much.

Reply to  Wendy
10 years ago

I appreciate your feedback, happy you liked the show.

10 years ago

Awesome show once again Kyle.Now It Can Be Told! There needs to be documentarys and movies about this.It is up to independant filmmakers to do because we know Hollywood is not going to.

Reply to  Gary
10 years ago

Thanks, Gary. Yes, we really need to force this subject into the public consciousness, as the ripple effect would be enormous.

10 years ago

Another chart topper. Thanks Kyle. Also, thanks for all your hard work making Renegade possible.

Reply to  troubles
10 years ago

Thanks, Trubs. This is one of the shows I really want to reach many people. It’s my pleasure to be part of this Aryan renewal.

10 years ago

Thanks once again for presenting this very important information. Shamefully, many people know absolutely nothing about the forgotten (and current) white slaves – we need to spread this one far and wide.

Reply to  Bec
10 years ago

Yes Bec, once this information reaches enough people, we will be able to dismantle every aspect of this anti-white system. Thanks for your continued support.

10 years ago


Great information on a subject that so desparately needs to get out to the masses. Would it be ok to download this broadcast to a CD and hand out to those who would take the time to listen??


Reply to  vinnie
10 years ago

Yes, please do. Also feel free to share this video version with others:

4 years ago

A show worth recirculating. Thank you Kyle.
The only way to end slavery is to expose those self ”chosen” ones who rule over all the races, and those who assist in the genocide of all things good and wholesome.

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