The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 7-8-13

Secrets of the Hooded Brothers

Although it has become the most vilified animal in our world, the serpent has been worshiped around the globe for eons. Kyle will discuss: The Legend of The Serpent, The Tribe of Dan, Dragon Slayers, Thor vs. The Midgard Serpent, Eve’s ‘sin’, Lord Enki (EA), shedding skin, being reborn, and much more.

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10 years ago

Interesting, investigative, intelligent, inquired information 🙂

But! All of the shows of that kind, not just this one or yours,
are about analogies, allegory and philosophy. I think the belief
in these types of thoughts is how the enemy was able to turn our
culture against us. If we only have had a realistic mindset then
our enemies could not flip it around and confuse the story line.
Fantasy based ideology allows them to inflitrate it with theirs.

I believe in keeping with a focused, simple, racial social plan.

10 years ago

Good Show As Always Kyle! Brilliant!

Reply to  Gary
10 years ago

Much thanks, Gary.

10 years ago

Great show Kyle! What´s the name of the song at 2 min 40 sec into this show?

Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

Very interesting. Here’s my short take on it mixing together my previous views and this show: At one point we were all Gods of our own ‘realms.’ Without limits or challenges to our mind we quickly decayed into chaos and insanity EA, and the rest of the ‘gods’ decided on a plan, one of them(or a small group) would create a realm as usual and all the other gods agreed to live within it’s rules/limitations After creation of the world EA changed his mind. Maybe it was the ‘rush’ of creating something new but he insisted everyone else return to godhood. This got him kicked out. At this point ‘Atlus’ or whatever you want to call the deity shown ‘holding up the world’ took over.… Read more »

6 years ago

I recently stumbled across this image…
The Pope sits at center of a Reptialian’s? or snake’s mouth in Paul VI Audience Hall, and for all of you christinsanes out there, there are NO crosses, crucifixes and no jewsus on a stick anywhere in the building.
I’m not sure how to post an image, so I’ll just send the address.
Folks, you really should look at this. It’s quite amazing.

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