The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 8-12-13

The Birth of a New Generation

Sinead returns to the show to discuss What Happened to Birth?, her recent article. Topics include: the big business of pregnancy, the atrocities of hospital birth, systematic mutilation of mothers and babies, natural instincts and folk knowledge vs. the “experts” of industry, healthy alternatives for parents, and why we need to empower our women.

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8 years ago

This is a VERY important show. Every woman (& her man) that is pregnant or considering having children should listen to this show & research & learn about the topics covered in this program. Pregnancy is NOT a disease & thus a pregnant woman should stay away from hospitals & doctors while pregnant & have her baby at home. Even if a person is sick (diseased) it is usually best to STAY AWAY from the Medical/Drug complex that is ONLY concerned with profits via their CUT (surgery), BURN (chemo), & POISION (drugs) approach.

8 years ago

The Grandmother(s) of the woman giving birth were essential, as were Aunts and mature female cousins. A birth was a profound bonding moment for all family however a much deeper bond for the women. I can see how important this is. Thanks for the great show and thanks for getting me thinking!!!

8 years ago

Amazing show! I mean this is how we come into the world, what could be more important!!?? So good to see this addressed. My state is sadly one of states you can not have a home birth! Such bullshit. Even the Amish who live below the state line, have to battle to deliver at home.

8 years ago

Great Work… Sinead is 100% accurate… Have you guys seen the French Movie “the Green Beautiful” it’s on YouTube & it fits right in with the subject of hospital births … Ps: Kyle Hunt you guys should post articles & educational stuff kinda like Mamis Shit which I like & hate… I like the posts but I hate the People who run it & the name Mommey’s Shit… & Grizz drug & Pictures… I agree with Sledge that it’s smells like a rat is behind the site../ Take DutchSinse weather reports… He may be wrong but with his theory’s but he’s a genuine theorist who is trying to make sense things like Harrp The comes this guy called Suspicious0bserver who copies DutchSinse reporting techniques first… Read more »

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