The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 8-19-13

Mighty Men vs. Mechanized Monsters

Note: Sound improves. Slightly edited for continuity.

Kyle will be joined by Andrew J to chat about a variety of issues, including: laboring on the goy plantation, the destruction of our world, Jewish control of electricity and electronics, transhumanism and robotics, and how we can reclaim our power.

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10 years ago

In Texas, non-prepared food isn’t taxed. We also have no state income tax.

10 years ago

Most places in this country you can’t use food you have grown yourself for food for sale in your own restaurant. The health department will shut you down. Most groceries stores here in Texas buy from local farmers when possible. Trotsky invented the word ‘racism’. ‘Racialist’ is the best alternative. What? Not drive a truck? Are you kidding me? Cars for the most part, suck. They break down more than trucks. They don’t last as long as trucks. They don’t retain their value like trucks. You can’t see in traffic. You can’t drive thru that high water in the road after a downpour either. I’ll keep my truck. I work at home anyway, so what dif does it make? I have less than 100,000 miles… Read more »

Reply to  David in Texas
10 years ago

I wasn’t aware of any restrictions on farm/garden to table restaurants, I’ll keep that in mind. I think the word racialist is actually more appropriate, but the pc police will never use it when describing any of us. If you need a truck ,use it, if you work a 9-5 desk job making 40k a year, you probably shouldn’t be driving a hummer. I see the negro’s on assistance with a few kids, driving around new ford excursions, that’s just asinine when gas is as expense as it is right now. I spend over $200 a month on gas just for work, so if I was driving a truck, I would be paying over $400 a month on gas. So I opted for a $2200… Read more »

10 years ago

The word robot as “human machine” was first used by Karel Capek in his sci-fi drama from 1920

10 years ago
10 years ago

Kyle Urban Jungle Girl seems like she would be a great guest. She is knowledgeable on the Medical/Drug complex, vaccines, GMO’s, poisoned foods, health in general & likely a whole host of other subjects. She seems very interesting. At minimum she should call in on the Renagade Roundtable & stay on for the entire program. I love her attitude, philosophy & her voice. Good show despite the technical difficulties. Andrew did a good job finishing the show alone. Most of the anti-White politically correct changes in the definitions of key words have occurred since the 1960’s. Webster 1988 Dis-crim-i-nate 1 a: to mark or perceive the distinguishing or peculiar features of b : distinguish, differentiate 2: to distinguish by discerning or exposing differences; especially :… Read more »

10 years ago

‘Jews’ are a bunch of manipulative criminal mongrels, who are nothing but a parasitic cargo cult around words, symbols and comprehensions belonging to our real, extremely ancient Pagan heritage. Most – if not all – of the Indo-European words have Pagan roots, which is the reason that the so-called ‘jews’ demonise certain words and symbols that originally belonged to the Pagan identity/knowledge concept, that our Ancestors used for at least 30000 years. This concept was ‘encrypted’ with a sophisticated rebus system that can be decoded by people who have trained their brains to recognise the particularities that are still are very prominently present in Indo-European words as a whole. We “learn” at school that various words that look or sound quite simular but have different… Read more »

10 years ago

would you guys be willing to have jb Campbell on the show? I couldn’t find a contact page? you can get a hold of me on my website

10 years ago


What is the song/piece played during the intro??

Reply to  Jeff
10 years ago

Final War – Brotherhood

Reply to  Renegade
10 years ago

Kyle –

I meant the “classical/orchestra/instrumental” piece at the beginnings of your shows.

Sounds like it could be from the “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack perhaps???

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