The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 8-26-13

The Hammers Of Resistance

Mike, the Sledgehammer, joins the show for an electrifying and hard-hitting conversation concerning the world of today and our resistance against it.

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Things got a little heated up in the comment sections last week 🙂

I have a serious dicussion piece that probably fits into the show.
I am anti-christian, so this is not coming from Identity and such.

People blame the christians, jews for stuff but where was Odin etc?
If Odinism had value then it would have protected Europe long ago!
As whites now shouldn’t blame enemies, but ourselves for allowing it.

I believe there is a book “The God That Was Not There” I think is about this.
Meaning the god that was not there is Odin/Oden/Woden/Wotan, other spellings.

So you guys, of course, can continue on with your ancient religion talk,
but I put it in the category of trying to revive a lost political party.

Too bad you are incapable of see that your question has been answered already. Unfortunately for you, the answer is over your head.

Come ‘on don’t be hatin’!
Don’t be a bitter ole man
You live in Texas, be thankful.
Not all of us could handle that.

LMAO! You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

is california too far to be in your documentary 🙁

Yes. You’ll have to wait for the sequel; “We Went West (No Homo)”

Manawest Destiny; Tracking the Donner Party

kike sledge is right, all our states are shitholes 😉


You forgot to call me Kike Hunt.

Speak for your own. You don’t speak for mine. Neither does Sledge.

That’s it!!! I’m gettin’ out of this shitty state
and movin’ down to TEXASs next door to David in TX!

We don’t want idiots like you here. The Mexicans would see you & then it would be like asking the rest of Mexico to come here. Right now, they are mainly in south Texas & the 5 largest cities. Why wreck the rest of the white areas of the state with your presence here?

So, in other words, TEXASs ain’t big enough for the both of us!

Bostjan Avsec

VIOLENT WORLD PSYCHIATRY-PSYCHOLOGY REVEALED(mindless mkultra crimes performed by police and psychiatrists/psychologists)

USE OF MKULTRA + HUNGER GAMES TODAY….Use of psychology/psychiatry for mass population or ethnic cleansing as well as crimes to which we witness daily on behalf of Zionism/communism/liberalism. EXACTLY HOW ETHNIC CLEANSING IS TAKING PLACE AGAINST NON SLAVS(German etc) THROUGHOUT EASTERN EUROPE SINCE WWII FOR THE SAKE OF USSR#2 + REAL 911 REVEALED !!!


jOsh in Kentucky

I was wondering how I can contact through e-mail Kyle or mike about possibly doing some art/design for the network/show. I love the idea of “Fire up the ovens” cooking show. Brilliant! Thanks – jIk

Kyle Hunt, hey dude could you do me a favor? contact me about interviewing John Bruce Campbell, or contact him at Im at

JB is somebody who is a lot like Kai Murros, you should interview him, JB he’s a great guy

Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.