The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 8-5-13

Rebellion on the International Goy Plantation

Kyle deals with our current world of mental and economic bondage. Topics include: educating human automatons, the working wage slave, government enforced corporate monopolies, the jewish twins of Capitalism & Communism, whore politicians, genocidal immigration policies, the cost of “free” trade, sacking our treasonous leaders, and seizing power. Vae victis.

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Nice show last night…I really appreciate your material. The fast is, we are dead to the US/states corporations. We are not persons, but people. Find ‘people” in a legal dictionary [private corporate bi-law terms] you won’t. For a small in your face item look at curbside mail boxes…does the door on most not shaped like a tombstone? That’s the location of your legal dead [ens legis] PERSON, your mailbox.


Very good observations there. The “male box” is rather telling.


hey kyle i would like to gift you with links to resources:

explore at your leisure i hope these resources help you in your study of the occult. feel free to share with other hosts who you think would be interested.