The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 9-2-13

A Race For The Future

Kyle has “UrbanJungleGirl” on the show to discuss the realities of race, the war against white people, battling with words, organizations of our enemies, and solutions that could help lead us toward victory.

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7 years ago

UrbanJungleGirl is spot on when she suggests we should all UNPLUG & get rid of the electric Jew (JewTube). I did that a couple of years ago. I hope she will host a weekly program here.

Reply to  Bill Rhyes
7 years ago

Me too. She’s a gem.

7 years ago

Kyle, what you said about getting proper nutrition from strong roots is brilliant. You need to write a book so I can quote you properly!

Reply to  Doyle
7 years ago

One of these days! Perhaps after the documentary I will go into book writing mode.

7 years ago

Thanks Kyle and UrbanJungleGirl. I am glad that Bill Cooper was mentioned. My brother and I started with Bill’s info in the late 80’s and 90’s. We both went on a treck of info like so many people. I took a break for a while raising my two boys. I started up again with the research since 911. In 2003 I found and devoured all the writings there including prof. Revilo Oliver who became my favorite. I also had my mom and dad who were well aware of the christianity and it’s successive poisioning of the mind. My dad was in the camp of Adrien Arcand in the 1930’s and got arrested with the rest of these people in that time and era. I… Read more »

7 years ago

Emily speaks for me also, as a female listener.

Governor of Moon
7 years ago

You should interview Craig Cobb. He’s a real old timer in this fight.

Robert Schlattmann
7 years ago

What is the best way to contact you to ask questions?

Reply to  Robert Schlattmann
7 years ago

There’s a contact form:

7 years ago

Good show. I’ll be coming here from now on since Truth Militia is on a break and Newsnet14 shut down. 14/88

7 years ago

Really great show, nice flow between the two of you.
As a female listener (who never calls), I feel pretty much the same as Emily, that I can’t possibly contribute anything new or interesting. Many thoughts and comments run through my head during the shows, but do they warrant a call? Probably not (at least from me!).

Looking forward to future shows featuring or starring UJG, nice to hear from the ladies, and hopefully they will form part of the permanent line up.

7 years ago

Kudos Mr . Hunt again! The show with you and UrbanJungle was absolutely fantastic! I been searching for the Caroline Yeagher and Craig Cobb interview she mentioned but can’t find the goddamn thing! You gotta clue where it can be found it its entirety? I looked but looks like its been fucking suppressed. Any ideas? Anyhow keep it my brother in Arms!

Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

Governor of Moon, I have a caller named Frank who alerted about Craig Cobb a while back, and I tried to get contact info, it wasn’t easy to find. But now he’s all over due to this recent thing with N. Dakota, so maybe we’ll find a way soon!

Governor of Moon
Reply to  Dana Antiochus
7 years ago

I believe is he in Estonia right now.

6 years ago

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