The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 9-30-13

Rise of The White Rabbits

Horus the Avenger from White Rabbit Radio joins Kyle to discuss ways to combat anti-whites using psychological warfare, practical politics, and propaganda. Topics include: metaphorical rabbits, the mantra, internet activism, anti-white terrorism, the importance of sound, and more.

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10 years ago

Kyle. I really liked that last song you played, “Do you hear my Battle Call?” Where did you find the music? I couldn’t find it on youtube or google.

Reply to  Jim
10 years ago

Hey Jim, the song is “Hear my Battle Call” by Blood Axis & Robert Taylor:

10 years ago

Great show. Two of my favorite bloggers, Kyle and Horus!

10 years ago

Good show .
The bunny in the logo looks like some kind of marxist sexual deviant sub/dom rabbit master just out of folsom street fair with that collar though

Reply to  Deucalion
10 years ago

LOL – that deviant bunny.

10 years ago

No, to me he looks like a rabbit that anti-White rabbits better not mess with…

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Good show.

I hope Horus will return very soon, like yesterday, because there was so much more to cover. I want more from Horus! A Renegade broadcast of 6 to 10 hours should do the job. 🙂

This was the second (or third) show I listened to with Kyle as the host, and I must say that you do one hell of a job. Keep up the good work! I will follow this network from now on at a regular base.

I will also spread mp3 files of (the best) shows around over here in Europe.

10 years ago

You know what else im wondering [as the deviant bunny set me to thinking] why the hell did a REAL sexual pervert CHAIM WEIS aka “Gene Symmonds” use the two SS runes in his ridiculous kosher band KISS? thats a subversive piss take, right? Like when the ginger british-israel bastrd “prince” Harry appeared all over newspapers wearing an SS uniform? now we know more about suppressed WW2 history and the british -jewish conenction this seems to me to be a nod/in-joke to all his pals regarding what theyve ALWAYS known about the holohoax.And lastly, moving seamlessly into SS connected british israel kosher social engineering: BOY,10, SENT HOME FROM SCHOOL WORLD WAR 2 DAY FOR WEARING ADOLF UNIFORM

10 years ago

Hal and Sig,

Looks like we’re getting in deep. That’s good. I enjoy your programme very much, topically for the esoterica, but, I confess, mainly because your interviews are reliably uplifting. The winds, it seems, might yet be shifting in our favour. Keep up the excellent work, at any rate!

Ves Heill,

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