The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 9-9-13

The Inhumanity of History’s ‘Heroes’

Kyle is joined by Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 and Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on The High Plains, 1865-1879. The discussion revolves around a history of horrors, which has been completely covered up, and the outright lies, which are perpetuated by our media and politicians to further their Judaic genocidal agenda. Contact Thomas and purchase a signed copy of his book:

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10 years ago

Great guest to date. I read Hellstorm and it is a must read. If this book doesn’t set you on fire, nothing will.

10 years ago

Great Show Kyle, I agree if you understand what happened in Germany it makes it easier to see what is happening today. I also think the worst crime was churchills dirty letter which gave over eastern europe to communist russia. I thank these authors who are putting forward more credible history in regards to WW2 as its still an open wound in europe that divides us to this day.

10 years ago

Great Show Kyle.Thomas Goodrish is a spot on author and historian
I will be buying his books soon.

10 years ago

500 people should buy “Hellstorm”, and donate it to the High School Library of their choice.

David Weaver
9 years ago

This book was the hardest book I ever read, yet I couldn’t put it down. It kept me up many a night for hours after reading it so up set me, yet I continued reading. Outside of the Bible it has had the most impact on me and is the most important book anyone could read. As hard as it is to read it is a must! USA (The German USA) 🙂

5 years ago

Great show. Thomas Goodrich is a great guest, author and speaker. It is sad to agree to, but it does seem that most of our folk will not be making it out of this hell hole – they are already gone. We have to turn the tide on the world wide democide / genocide FAST. The solution is so simple – jews and their sympathizers cannot be in any positions of power, anywhere in the world, ever again, NEVER AGAIN – the proof is in the pudding – the evidence is everywhere and casualties are mounting every day they remain in any position of power. With jews – EVERYONE loses – it’s perpetual war until the last ruthless cutthroat is left standing. The Cree Indians… Read more »

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