The Daily Shoah: Flagged as Offensive (6-22-15)

background-01 brings you The Daily Shoah!  Be a bad goy and listen in to the dankest New Right podcast on the web. Home of The Merchant Minute, The Shitlord Report, and Le Chateau Autiste.

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So these guys are advocating playing along with the “Official Narrative”.

Definitely AGAINST explaining how organized deception works….


Thank you for identifying yourself for what you are.

Way too much infiltration.


Wtf is this? I thought this show was supposed to be part of the new right. You support the Union and not the Confederacy? You support removing the Confederate flag from SC? You hate Prussia? I mean wtf is this show. Absolute cancer.


The fact they adore Johnson who loves to blames Whites is a concern along with Johnsons’ “suicide” pushing.

We don’t have 10-20 or 30 years for this WN to get going. We have limited time. Jews are not scared, they have zero reason to be. If anything, maybe in the potential of Whites but that is fading faster than our nations.

Bashing the South will win nobody over. Yes they lost but so did all Whites in WWII, we still hold pride in Germany….


Not only that, but some fag known as Hateful Heretic on there compared The Greatest Story Never Told to Das Kapital.


Reagan was just another lying scum. Ran on “government is the problem,” never vetoed a budget for being too large. Ran on the greatness of America and its laws, gave a huge amnesty to illegal alien invaders. Ran on the libertarian personal rights + constitutionalism pap, passed a major federal gun ban. Just like all the “Southern Strategy” runners: they sold one thing, a helping hand to Whites, and provided its opposite, ever more stripping of White self-determination. The GOP is running out the clock on the White race, as has been said at Counter Currents for years. The overt split, the coming of acknowledged and undeniable total war, is inevitable. It is best for Whites if it happens when we still have the resources… Read more »


Summary of above post: the illusion of peaceful compromise is a weapon used to ensure the unobstructed progress of our enemies. Sun Tzu said it: always leave your enemies an avenue of retreat. The White race’s retreat is the polling booth.


Thinking that the GOP, esp at this point, is at all some kind of platform or even forum for a subset platform , is naive at best and subversive at worst. I’m not accusing the TRS guys of subversion , because I have listened to them too much, and there is some salience in the point that it is within the GOP’s Tea Party voters , who have been largely alienated by the official party and are ripe for moving on, that pro-Whites are going to find more pro-White people. The wish for any GOP office to support those with pro-White positions is bizarre. They are more joo-run than the Dems, esp on foreign policy. Reagan made a big push for White genocide. Speaking of… Read more »


Nobody thinks that liberals are forging this manifesto. If anyone could have had enough access to forge something like this, and have it presented in the news, it’s people who are far , far more sophisticated than you imagine regarding their understanding of psychology, as well as political capital, and no, they wouldn’t make any of the mistakes you are speculating about. I’m not saying it was a forgery, or that it wasn’t at this moment, but you all are attacking straw men, and it’s not scoring you points with the mainstream or the pro-White crowd.

Meow Blitz

Holy shit, these comments.

Haven’t listened to this one yet but I’m curious to know what everyone is angry about.

Meow Blitz

For the record, I have zero problems with neo-Confederates and think the takedown of the flag is shameful.


They are all angry because they are used to self-reinforcement and lack of challenge to their ideas.

The audio issues on renegade are really noticeable in this podcast when you compare to a standard death panel discussion. They badly need technical help here.

Meow Blitz

“They are all angry because they are used to self-reinforcement and lack of challenge to their ideas.”

It’s just a simple disagreement, the White Nationalists need to calm down and stop hating each other or accusing everyone of being kikes over trivial issues. I don’t agree with bashing on the South at all and I’ll never ‘apologize’ for what Dylan did, but I won’t rage against Greg Johnson or The Right Stuff because they might disagree.


Here is a problem…. Greg Johnson quotes…(for the most part – I heard other garbage but these stuck as unacceptable) “I feel bad for him” – the ‘shooter’ “He is one of us” “This will be good for us” “His manifesto doesn’t read like a SJW wrote it” – LOLOLOLOLOL Wow. Just wow. It’s 2015 guys! I can’t wait to see the articles posted about your comments that will speak for all of ‘us’ on the SJW sites. Question. Does this leftist media conspire to push forth this leftist agenda on a daily basis with malice and forethought? Or are they just dumb. The SJW’s are dumb. Sure. But this ‘event’ is not even in the same galaxy as who is actually doing these ‘events’… Read more »

Chris Taylor

The problem with Johnson for me, whatever it’s worth, is his suicide monomaniac pushing, we are doing it to ourselves. If you see this being pushed there is a reason for it, to me its kosher approved. Not saying he is but the angle of that argument is.

TRS is good,I enjoy the Shoah, This was another good one. Putting the south down will never win anyone over. Enoch above them all seems to get it. they provide a good fresh voice to the WN struggle.

Hopefully more Shoahs will be on Renegade.

Chris Taylor

To anyone not agreeing with TRS, call in.
The reasons can be found at Tanstaafl’s site for the Johnson monomaniac topic. It’s worth a read.

Meow Blitz

Thanks Chris Taylor,

If anyone has an issue with TRS, just contact our site or leave a comment. It took me some time but I now side more with Tanstaafl’s Jewicide theory on the issue of Jewish and Gentile complicity with subversion than that of Johnson, Chechar, etc. I am still on friendly terms with the later and see no real need for hate amongst WNs and honestly I think this bitterness is as ridiculous as some early Roman squabble about the nature of the Christian Trinity.

Re: Dave

“Minor league stuff here. Stick to the SJW arguments. Out of your league here.”

5edgy6me bro.


The best part of TRS is The Mechant Minute. Big thumbs up to Morrakiu.


Meow Blitz, No idea what you mean by the 5edgy6me bro but whatever. For the record I like listening to TRS and reading their articles (when…they are not talking about false flags/psyops/hoaxes). This is not necessarily directed at you, but others who accept official stories without seriously cross examining them. (Its a learned skill after all and you have to study past examples to see the pattern and MO) My disagreement is solely based on the Alt-Right/WN/Conspiracy and Controlled Opposition sites accepting MSM staged events at face value without doing any due diligence studying the known tactic/method our opponents use to discredit anybody on the right or anybody in the way of their goals and objectives. Goals and objectives that they could not achieve without… Read more »


Genocide and not Suicide. (edit)


“CNN has former CIA operative Bob Baer on at his home discussing ISIS and White ‘Supremacists’”

They’ve been making that connection since at least the early 90s. There is nothing we can do to change that. Our enemies openly praise the murder of Sam and Viki Weaver for the thoughtcrime of Randy Weaver. Our enemies did not attain power through peaceful means, nor do our enemies condemn their own violent “extremists.” If you don’t like direct action done in the service of your side, shut up about it, just like the Ted Kennedies of the World do. You are preaching paralysis, Dave.


To preempt Dave’s obvious retort, the difference between the views expressed in this show and Dave is that Dave is saying “it’s all bad, and physical action always huts our side – because of what our enemies will say.” What Johnson and the TRS crew is saying is quite different, regardless of whether their views are entirely correct.

If you think we can stop the demonization of our ideology, or even of our race, by any means other than physical action, you have no fucking idea what world you are living in.


To compensate for some of the negative feedback: I very much enjoyed this shoah. Keep it up!


Hitler took power without firing a shot. That is my ideology. Yours seems to be the ideology that has kept us us in the skinhead caricature. I am all for the pleasant presenting articulate intelligent approach that most on the alt right present. I just see no reason to agree to our opponents rigged game at the outset. Especially when the media has no credibility at all. And quite frankly I think you all know deep down this is in fact a staged event. Whether you admit it or not. That is the world you are refusing to live in Lizard.


BTW. They are claiming/alleging that connection, not ‘making’ that connection. Also, I have no delusions that the alt right will not be demonized forever. The ‘direct action’ you claim I am against is correct. I am for self defense action to protect the ability to communicate a message to the people. Think Hitlers first large hall gathering with the SA.


“Dylann Storm Roof” was a child actor. Real name John Christian Graas. Here he is on Beverly Hills 9010.

Comparison video to grown “Dylann”

You may say this proves nothing? Well it certainly proves he either had a stage name for his acting career OR he has a stage name for his ‘shooting’ career. Hmmm. Just a coincidence I guess. Whoops.

PS. And yes. This may have been leaked out for the direct purpose of making people who bring this information up look crazy. That is why it is Psychological Warfare.


“Hitler took power without firing a shot.”

ROFL. Right. Here’s just one day in Adolf’s struggle:


You don’t need help looking crazy, Dave.


That is not the same as terrorism and you know it. And you also know the communists were openly attacking Germany. You know what I meant.


Fuck me. The majority of poll-takers agree with Dave and Pat? You’re all fucking nuts. I spent some time chasing conspiracies. It’s a bullshit community full of false leads, schizophrenics, hucksters, and probable disinfo agents. Self-referential literature that ultimately tracks back to some guy Jim Marrs or some other suspiciously-connected dude supposedly interviewed. One very good piece of information to 5 pieces of evidence which are possibly valid and bear consideration, to 10 absolutely bullshit claims with no backing, and five more contradicted by the evidence provided by the presenter. For the record, I’m 100% sure that the Murrah building was taken down by the US government or US government “allies”(/masters), I’m pretty damn sure that the fingering of the 19 patsies of 9-11 was… Read more »


Our enemies are openly attacking us, Dave.


Cool. Then you and the media agree. All of us are nuts. Including you. For the record, I am 1000% sure that the OKC bombing happened exactly as the media says it did. Because they say it is not what you say. McVeigh was in kahoots with an Iraqi and that video of him in a military uniform on that base that had ryder trucks doesn’t prove anything so that makes it real. And the bombs in the building? A myth perpetuated by crazy people that hate freedom and equality and the flag and democracy and TV. On 911 the 19 hijackers had box cutters and they took down the planes because they took a class and NORAD was like what? Hey, knock it off… Read more »


blackacidlizard, i agree totally. in fact, it is scary that this poll shows a majority think it is another scripted event. if you’re average WN is that gullible, reading Veterans Today articles that make up “facts” as they go along, then we are doomed.

Why accept the jew media narrative at face value, though? If they can fake the holocaust, well then, sheeeit…

The holohoax™ and the phony six million:

Also, comparing everyone to Pat and Dave or accusing them of reading standard bs conspiracy sites or VT is not really an argument.


The only legitimate position to take on media reported events is to start from a position of asking if what they report actually occurred. One must look for evidence about the event. One should note what can likely be taken as true or false and inconsistent. It’s entirely irrational to acknowledge that known psychopaths, liars, and mass murderers hold command and control positions of power through out society, including in the media, and then to accept what is put in the media as true with out deep research. They may post something that is entirely true, but when they have a proclivity towards seeking, obtaining, and maintaining power, by any means, who in their right mind would take any thing at face value from the… Read more »


We know the holohoax is a lie because the official story requires one to believe in absurdly unlikely coincidences.

Every alleged “extermination camp” opened up to investigation by holohoax believers is no longer alleged to be an extermination camp. Only camps where these investigators were not allowed to go are still said to be “death camps.”

The amount of Zyklon used to kill groups of people is said to be too low to cause the signature blue staining. Except in Mandijek, where the extermination chamber is stained blue. Because. . . magic”

Suvivrorlebreties say things that contradict the official story, make no tactical sense, and are fucking physically impossible.

They never faked the holocaust, they just told you to believe their lies in the face of all contrary evidence.


If your average WN is that gullible, blindly believing the Jew media reports the truth, then we are doomed.


What does this media system resemble? A rigged game. A con. What does this rigged con game need above all else? Participation. Those of us that are in the ‘everything is fake crowd’ are nothing more than the person standing to your right while you are at the three card monty cardboard box handing over your money to a bunch of liars. You might say, but if I don’t play I can’t make any money. That’s right. You can not make any significant money in this rigged card game. You are better served by walking by and doing something productive with your day. This is not a debate about certain events being real or fake. This is about trust in media. Trust in a corrupt,… Read more »


There is no such thing as bad press from any action we take. Rape a million infants, or feed a million homeless, you are still just as evil. We exist on the other side of a binary cleavage point. We have sinned against god, and that is the only irredeemable sin. What’s more, it’s not just us. It’s every White. There is no illusion within those who who guide the enemy troops. They call us “racist” to get their cannon fodder to go after us. They hate the cannon fodder just as much. Bruce Jenner is White (I’m assuming) and therefore must be stripped of all power just as surely as we must be. Remember #CancelColbert – even allied Whites are ultimately to be put… Read more »