The Great White North w/ Andrew 11-17-13

Andrew in Canada has Kyle on for a while to discuss his recent show with Bob. Chase Tucker cuts in with Antifa Radio.

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7 years ago

Good show! I laughed my ass off! I like how you even threw in Guliani’s theme music. Brilliant!

7 years ago

Kyle showed great bravery and correct battling manners with his enemies on the Bob show.

He earned a Radio-Iron Cross for that. Heil Keil

7 years ago

My gods… that’s it… ‘people are people’ … I’ve achieved supreme moral enlightenment

7 years ago

I am a black gentleman and enjoyed this show very much while I ate watermelon, fried chicken while smoking on a blunt and drinking a 40oz of Purple Sizzurup!!

7 years ago

Was like an instant reply of jew host Bob Foreskin.
Kyle seemed to be temporarily influenced by Bobby’s propaganda, that’s how strong it is!
With such original points as “people are people” – Dedouche Moode
That’s why he draws in the crowd and makes the big scheckles, take notes of the master!

Reply to  Damon
7 years ago

..and also remember the other great one from “Bob foreskins no.1 tips from the talmud” – “If you dont like it….MOVE!” .

7 years ago

Oh now you call him Bobby… wonder of Throb and Bob from DC are related?

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