The Great White North w/ Andy 2-17-14

Start your week off right with a trip inside the igloo. Tonight on the show we will discuss the longstanding relationship between man’s best friend, and the races of the world. Callers welcome and appreciated throughout the program.

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10 years ago

I’ve been meaning to drop you a comment for a while now.. You’re shows are awesome! Keep up the great work! 🙂 HAve you guys had your baby yet??

Kiggers Nill
10 years ago


Your riff with the Korean accent made me cry laughing. I had to hide my face from co-workers because I was laughing so damn hard. It made my day. Looking forward to your next show. Thanks.

10 years ago

Thanks so much Sinead. I’m glad to hear you enjoy the show. Your Aryan Women show with Heks is great. My wife and I listen every week. The baby isn’t due for awhile, but I’m really excited to be a dad.

Kiggers. Thanks for the feedback. I try to keep things funny, so it’s good to know some of you share my (sometimes demented) sense of humor. Thanks very much for listening. You should call in sometime.

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