The Great White North w/ Andy 3-24-14

Join me tonight inside the igloo for a relatively off-the-cuff broadcast. News and views abounds and of course, your calls.

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Born Again Aryan

Hey Andrew what was the opening song you played?? The Crossing by who??




“A lot of the people in CI are good people…” A lot of people are horrible people as well. Many CI likely just want to keep their jobs, depending on where they live. If they would just push the envelope a little more, I believe they would find out that paganism(s), agnosticism, and atheism, do not necessarily receive much of a rebuke, or negative response–even in the bible belt. Church attendance, overall, is way down.


Take a look at this article ( along with the rest of the site) which puts all that CI crap to rest

Even the concept of Jehovah was stolen by the Jews and used in the Bible to bring all non-jews into slavery. Even CI can’t use the Bible as a text because it is one big lie.

Another site is :

Anyone that uses the Bible to back their religious beliefs has been duped by their worst enemy.


Even the Jew changed the understanding of Satan ( which in Sanskrit means “truth, knowledge “) and made him into an evil angel – an adversary and destroyer. True pagan religion ( which predates the old testament by thousands of years) were worshippers of Satan as the true God.


Hi dont understand your stand on CI christian identity wich is 100% against jews and 100% separatist.

Also CI is really racial identity nothing to do religion,Jews have been reliagionised the testament and moved that judeo christianity jew ass licking christianity.


So they worship a kike-on-a-stick while being anti-jew. Sounds good.
They bear a cross with or representing a dead kike nailed to it. And they are still anti-jew, how wonderfull is that?

Rabbi levy… OOPS…. Rev. Levi would like a word with you.


Jesus was not jew he was yahwe god flesh body himself so he cant be son of satan,And even that body wasnt jew body,I wuold say that was caucasian white male one of 12 tribes of Israel jakob.

I dont have check pasovers story i will but yahwe our father he isnt nice guy he will punis us like father does when we dont behive,Yahwe is promised when he arrive he is come to destroy all racemixer and jews some say that horrible but i dont think you wouldnt mind get rid of jews,And bibleTodays jews on bible are eesau edom and cainanites all rest where caucasian.

Death to yahweh (jew god) and fuck jesus kike.

I am insulting the god of the jews, yahweh, and an obvious kike, yeshua. Apparently, this makes one a jew. Who knew?

It is precisely BECAUSE OF christianity that our people have become so decadent and degenerated. The enlightenment and liberalism is merely secularized christ insanity.

Read your own fucking bible before you try to say that the NT doesn’t explicitly state that yeshua was a jew, even though he likely never even existed.

Compare the success of the jew in ancient times to today! No comparison. The jew reigns supreme today and it is the result of centuries of christ INSANITY.

“Jesus… I wuold say that was caucasian white male one of 12 tribes of Israel jakob.”

“yahwe our father”

“he isnt nice guy he will punis us like father does when we dont behive”

“Yahwe is promised when he arrive he is come to destroy all racemixer and jews”

Do you have any idea how fucking stupid you sound?


If you want insalt calling people like Hitler is jew or yahwe is jew,Yuo are telling jew lies wich makes you the jew.

Pagan religions time jews succeed wery well like roman time so paganism is jewish,When true christian ruled europa they kicked aut jews and burn them fire as same all jew lovers.


dude, jezues was a semite

A lot of the people in CI are good people, but I just can’t find it within myself to support a group of people who look at all the evils done in the old testament and wish to claim them as their own. Like the whole story about Passover, we know through genetic research that the Egyptians were white, so therefor the whole story of passover revolves around murdering white babies. Not exactly something that would make for a good pro-white.