The Great White North w/ Andy 3-31-14

The Roman Empire. It’s creation, growth and legacy. Join me inside the igloo tonight for a look at this significant and inspiring European culture. We will also look into judaic dissent in the Roman empire, as well as the hebraic hand involved in it’s eventual downfall. Special guest??? Your calls.

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Hey Andy, You might know about this, but thought I’d send it anyway. I was in Victoria BC recently and say this add, check out the flag so I had a look at their website and found this poster, with the flag blurred out I emailed the college and asked them why that was, they said, this one even got my name wrong Hi, Jason, Good observation skills J They blocked it out because unfortunately it created a bit of controversy as to why it was the only flag that was recognizable. It is a beautiful poster, though, isn’t it! Romaine Romaine Bosma Administrative/Admissions Assistant and Hi Justin, Thank you for the message. As you know, Pearson College is a multiculturally diverse school, and… Read more »


Hi Justin. Thanks for the info. It always seems to be the republic of bagels at the heart of this whole ‘one world, one people’ campaign. The poster with the flag unblurred is a good representation of the multicult agenda. Funny how jews promote the idea in their respective host countries, but they dont seem to want it for their own people in israel. Very telling. That second poster is infuriating. It asks ‘who am i’ without addressing the issue of whether those of us whose ancestors built Canada CARE who these interlopers are. We are sick of accommodating people who hate us, and don’t even recognize us as a people.


Good show Andy. Unfortunately this will be my last comment here at Renegade. For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking of taking a break with radio and the internet in general. This has nothing to do with Sieg, Dana, or Sledge leaving. I do not feel I am using my full potential by doing sloppy shows and going on chat boards. I honestly do not think I have contributed anything to this network but money (and I’ll still continue to donate). Personally, I have to make some major changes at this point in life. I want to actually be out more in the real world FIGHTING FOR THE 14 WORDS. Not stuck to the screen daily just talking and not doing anything. I will… Read more »


You have my support brother,you are young,make best of your life!


Take care Brian.


Hi Brian, I totally understand how you feel. I think many of us are not taking enough offline action, and I commend I commend your decision. It’s unfortunate, becuase I enjoy the Jackyl’s Den shows, so hopefully Nick can keep it going, and I really hope we keep hearing from you even if it is only from time to time. 14/88


If Kyle deletes this, I’m sure someone will see it and it will just make him look bad. (If you see it before Kyle manages to delete it please let them know) But I would like to apologize to you and to Nick. For personal attacks against you, and also for being rude with what I said. I’m guilty of doing something I said I wouldn’t, which is arguing or insulting people who I do believe, at least are sincere about this cause. So for that reason I will apologize to you two. That’s it. Especially you, because I think you said you were really young. The thing is though, is I felt like Bills show is needed because Tom Metzger is getting older, and… Read more »


Brian, you’re one of a very small and select group of people who has my complete respect. I wish to offer my thanks for your shows and one piece of advice: beware all humans–even the White ones.


It was great ruminating with you this past year!

The ‘Lone Wolf’ tactic is good to use as you pre-qualify folks of interest.



Auf wiedersehen you damn pollack kraut. You’re always welcome for a visit in the chat here at Renegade. Kindest regards and best wishes out in the real world. 14/88.


I love all of you so much I can never leave. But however I did change my name to BrianPickles LOL I still want to spend more time offline but Nick and I will continue to do the Jackals Den at least once a week. I’ll still be around but just have to learn to limit myself from constant online use. I really appreciate the kind words from yall. 14/88


WOW,Andy,real suprise having CG on!
Great show,i am enjoying it!
Keep up a good work!!


List of Roman emperors born in territory of todays Serbia, Byzantine

Trajan Decije (Trajan Decius) 249 – 251

Hostilijan (Gaius Valens Hostilianus Messius Quintus Augustus) 251

Klaudije II Gotski (Claudius II Gothicus) 268 – 270

Aurelijan (Aurelian) 270 – 275

Prob (Probus) 276 – 282

Maksimiljan Herkulije (Maximianus Herculius) 285 – 305, 310

Konstancije Hlor (Constantius Chlorus) 293 – 306

Galerije (Galerius) 293 – 311

Maksimin Daja (Maximinus Daia) 305 – 313

Flavije Sever (Flavius Severus) 305 – 307

Konstantin Veliki (Constantine I the Great) 306 – 337

Licinije (Licinus) 307 – 324

Konstancije II (Constantius II) 337 – 361

Vetranion (Vetranio) 350

Jovijan (Jovian) 363 -364

Gracijan (Flavius Gratianus) 375 – 383

Konstancije III (Constantius III) 421

Justinijan I.(Jusinian the great I) 483.


Thanks Serb. I was really glad to be able to get Charlie on the show. I wish you had called in. You always seem to have alot of good information to share. Have you ever considered doing a wildcard show?


Thanks Andy,,,i would have loved to call in but the time for these shows is very late here, and when you have to work and have a family its hard to stay awake and participate in it.

Yes i considered doing The Wildcard,kyle asked me once in the chat.
I would love to do it,but its impossible to do it soon due to my job.

In some near future i will certainly try do do it and prepare a show about whats going on in my region and Europe, and give you guys my point of view about it if its still wanted.



Interesting show. I’d be careful though about “reading between the lines” on everything and suggesting Jews did it. Pretty soon one might get the impression that jews did everything in history and we Whites did nothing.

e.g. the Conquistadors, the warriors who conquered the empire were to a man, a mix of Basque-Goth-Spaniard. Of course jews had their hooks in, manipulating and profiting but what else is new. Besides, the Aztecs were sacrificing people and had completely degenerated by the time Euros came.

To say the ‘conquistadors’ were jews is basically garbage.

The Seeker of Truth

The damn Roman empire was always multi cult. It literally destroyed thousands of independent and autonomous White nations and ethnicities. To hell with them. Imperialism is destructive to most and beneficial to few, and it does not matter if the few are White or Jew it is still evil.

The Seeker of Truth

Gerald, the conquistadors enforced “assimilacion” which is why most Spanish speaking countries are brown.


The Seeker of Truth – I don’t really care too much what they did once they got there. You’re comment doesn’t mean much though. Most all Black countries speak English or French. Maybe I should blame white people for every rape that happens in the USA. Colonialists ALWAYS assimilate. In Nth America, it happened alot less because they were even more savage and weren’t too many of them.


It was a dirty trick billing Charlie as merely a “surprise guest.” As the world’s top Yahweh-slayer, he deserves his name in lights. (: You conducted a first-rate interview with him though.


I should have billed him as “Yaweh-Slayer Extraordinaire”.

Frank, I just wanted you to know that when I mentioned you in my story about getting into an altercation with christians in WWS’s chat, I did not mean to imply that you were making pro-christian comments or anything like that. I just remember that you made some reference to Paganism (which is great), and then these two posters attacked you calling pagan references ‘ineffective’. They then proceeded to quote bible scripture, and got really offended when I told them that THEY were being ineffective. Anyways, no offense intended brother.