The Great White North w/ Andy 4-28-14

Panspermia, extremophiles and the Seeded Universe Theory. Join me tonight as we look to the cosmos for answers to life’s most profound question.

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6 years ago

I think I got my sailor slogan mixed up. It’s RED skies I should have referred to, not BLUE. I really enjoyed doing this show. Hope you all enjoyed listening.

6 years ago

These are the kind of shows that attracted me to renegade in the first place back before I even was racially aware. No doubt calling out the Jews is important but if we focus on them 24/7 our mind is just as controlled as when we forget about them.
All in all a great show, I really love hearing about those places of human knowledge where science and philosophy come together.

one small request though, could you drop some of those links in a comment? because of the time differences I am never able to catch the shows real time.

My thanks,
Reckoning from the netherlands.

PS. Bitburger cans don’t lie, it is really popular beer.

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