The Great White North w/ Andy 5-12-14

Park your dogsled, take off your mukluks and come inside the igloo for a discussion on The Japanese religion of Shinto (The Way of the Gods). Time permitting, we will also have a look at the Ainu people of northern Japan with a specific focus on their religious practices. Callers welcome throughout the broadcast.

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9 years ago
9 years ago

Dear Sir et al, A great book on Shinto is called “The Essence of Shinto” by Motohisa Yamakage But I think I should caution that my opinion after years of study is that aside from the Japanese being non-Europid/non-Aryan, as far as I can tell at least!!!, that Shinto has lost a great deal due to the various forms of Buddhism and Christ-insanity that were introduced into Japan by foreigners. What you have today is largely the production of the era of the Meiji restoration, that is the modern Japanese state regimenting and separating Shinto out from Buddhism with which it had been blended before for hundreds of years! Very much like scholars today dispute and delve further into the ancient Aryan and particularly… Read more »

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