The Great White North w/ Andy 6-16-14


Kosher insanity. Migrant masses. Political implosion. Join me tonight for news, analysis and rantings from a canuck’s perspective. Calls welcome and appreciated throughout the show.

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Alex Lozano

Dear Andy, As a fellow Canadian, trapped in the National Capital of Ottawa, might I just say big fat THANK YOU for your show and to all on Renegade Radio! It’s beyond refreshing to find a fellow Canadian with the same level of nationalistic romanticism and sympathy that I also share and feel. The insanity that I despise being born into the wrong time period – if not THE WORST time period of mankind – where our values, civility and our culture/race is on the verge of utter destruction. I too am beyond reviled of the landslide of the Marxist/Commie/Liberals re-electing a butch dyke for a premiere. When I get the chance next week, I will be sure to call in and share a common… Read more »