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9 years ago

Highest paid researchers are anti-White appointees. They are there to keep Whites from advancing intellectually by favoring anti-Whites research projects over average whites research projects . They do this through peer review in academia & sci. publications which are controlled by Rich Anti- Whites. This has been going on since before the 60’s but it really started to pick up after the 70’s. The result we see today in average young Whites & whites . When will Whites & whites wake up and understand what has happened to their future you ask? Answer , most likely never , they have been dumbed down & BRAINWASHED so much. I think the answer is separate small intellectually awake White communities that are self- sustaining.

Reply to  Butterfly Effect
9 years ago

Agreed BE. We need to start coming together in communities. Since being pro-white is essentially illegal, we need to have the common understanding of the 14 words without being too outspoken about them. We should not announce the creation of these communities to the media. We should not fly swazi and other overt, WN flags. We should just have the agreement that we are an exclusively white community who protects the interests and persons therin. Our statements should be made through policy and policy-making alone.

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