The Realist Report: Oregon Militia Standoff (1-8-16)

oregon standoff

On this premier edition of The Realist Report broadcast live by Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by my good friend Sean Daly. Sean and I recently drove out to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge just south of Burns, Oregon. A group of American patriots are occupying various buildings in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to protest and rectify the unjust and tyrannical policies various agencies of the United States federal government have and continue to perpetrate against law abiding ranchers, farmers, and private property owners in the surrounding region. This is one program you don’t want to miss!

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8 years ago

thanks !good info on govt swindle-heres a good vid to=

Jonny M
8 years ago

What’s going on in Oregon might be the real deal but it’s possible that it could be co-opted by injecting certain characters into the situation. By having a few people planted in the right places the government can sabotage a potential military victory by militia groups, as this sort of outcome can lead to more armed resistance around the country.

John Abel
8 years ago

The nail has been hit on the head…160:30 (approximately)…”THIS IS MODERN DAY BOLSHEVISM”…in effect, absolutely what I was thinking. History often tells us everything we need to know…look for the clues and parallels.

8 years ago

Great debut show. I keep thinking that the ‘movement” is all about starting and rolling snowballs at the moment. Kyle’s ‘snowball’ (Renegade) and also the Tribune are slowly gaining size and momentum

I think John is a good example of a productive member of the movement. He has the right kind of approach, attitude, motivation etc. and shows us all where we could potentially be at.

8 years ago

The original bad guy in history, or, at least biblical history, was a farmer. The Jews hate farmers.

8 years ago

Great show!

Jonny M
8 years ago

I’ve been closely watching and listening to a lot of what has been going on in Oregon and I think that my suspicions about certain things are right. I’m almost certain that the stand these locals are taking is legitimate but there are now people with an alternate agenda involved in some way or another. Take this Pete Santilli guy. He’s probably one of the more known patriot alternative media people invoved in this and for sure he has been given more access than other alt media sources. Since this began, Santilli has been using the familiar Jewish inspired “we are all the same” diversity script that Alex Jones uses as well. When an NBC Zio propaganda reporter asked one of the Bundy guys abou… Read more »

8 years ago


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