The Realist Report: Sinead & Zan Overall (3-4-16)


On this edition of The Realist Report broadcast live on Renegade Broadcasting, we’re joined by two special guests. Sinead McCarthy, a fellow host here on the network, joined me during the first hour to discuss a number of topics, including the NPI conference in Washington, D.C. that I will be attending tomorrow, the Alt Right, Donald Trump, and productive strategies to advance the pro-White cause and message. During the second hour, my good friend Zan Overall joined me to discuss his recent activism, the importance of 9/11 Truth and historical revisionism, and Donald Trump. This is one show you do not want to miss!

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I had a feeling John Friend’s image would disappear from the host lineup before too long! LOL!

Trump very much sounds like Timo Soini. Timo Soini is a friend of Israel and he is proud of it (he has said so). Media has hated him many years and especially his party and some of its members. But this was a big hoax. Media secretly loved him and everything was just a st-up and promoting him and his party. The jews always count the votes in Finland and tehy have given soon two great victories ti Soini. Now the party is ruling in Finland and it has betrayed everything. Or at least those who believed that it was a kind of real opportunity. Soini has always been different from the “racists” of his party. The media mocked and mocked and stupid people thought… Read more »
Repe said: “Trump very much sounds like Timo Soini. Timo Soini is a friend of Israel and he is proud of it (he has said so)” Well, what the f*ck do you want him to say!? That’s he’s not a “friend of Israel”? Get real, man, wake-up and smell the coffee for crying out loud. You and everyone else making asinine, very naive comments like that. What do you think would happen to Trump’s chances for being our next president? Done, through, finished, kaput! As far as I’m concerned, the main issue that threatens White America and White Europeans the world over is NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION into our and their countries–both legal and illegal. The Jews have been a thorn in our backside, a pebble in… Read more »

I just reminded that Trump can promise things he won’t do as other politicians. Before the elections there is a much lying. And I don’t like the way that J.Friend acts. He praises Putin and Trump and tries to convict that they are hated by the World Jewry. They are not. John does not like calling obvious shills and traitors and scarecrows what they are. He is participating conferences with them. He is very harmful

Sinead was on a roll tonight…calling out the alt-right queers, misogynistic manlets, vaccine supporters, Trump-tards, and all the other shills in the “pro-white” movement.

I still don’t understand how Kaminski and Renegade parting ways will be productive in the long run, no matter who is at fault.

Excuse ME, but I’m no “tard.” Got that? Trump is the best we’ve got so I support him. Is he our Savior? No. But he’s at least focused on illegal immigration which is the number one issue haunting us Whites the world over. Sitting at home and not voting or voting for a candidate who doesn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of ever getting elected is a fool’s choice. Non-White immigration into what’s left of our White America is the number issue and Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate making that an issue in his campaign. Whether he, if he gets elected, is able to follow through on his words, is to be seen, but he’s the ONLY choice for White Americans, especially regular,… Read more »

Only closet queers can mix with known queers !!

If every Jew is not against You, You are not like Hitler or something like him. Communist Jews are against the Finns or at least Halla-aho. But the zionist jews are behind Soini. His party is most jewish in Finnland with the Finnish Christian party. Still the commies have always accused the Finns being nazis etc. It is a part of the scam.

The same with Putin. The Russian Jewry is ruling the Russia and they own everything there. Although tje Western media accuses Putin every day, many Jews in the West are fond of him. This all is pure theater because the Jews are in power in the West and in the East. In China and In Russia.

Tell us something we don’t know. To butt heads with Jewry is a no-win situation (at the present). Until a fail-proof strategy plan can be conceived, and I do mean a 100% fail-proof strategy (just look at what happened to Third Reich Germany) where international Jewish economic, financial, media, political and all other power is de-fanged, neutered and smashed once and for all time, politicians HAVE to play ball with them and kiss ass–whether they are Jew-wise or not. That is the reality of the matter!

Before the election Soini and his party said they are the workers’ party and they condemned the bailouts for the european banks. They said they are for the people. Now they are robbing everything from the Finns to the banks and the immigrants / invaders and they are for the TTIP. They also are killing the finnish little and bigger companies/firms and are for the Rothschilds. They are going to give the forests and the public waters ti the Rothschilds at very low price

CHOICE : We can never see past the ” choices ” that we do not completely understand . It is like PLatos ” Allegory of the Cave ” ( in partial point here ) . We are CHAINED to the system , seeing only what is in the cave and not outside of it . The lighting in the cave is very , very dim . Our sights are MARGINAL . We look to the LEFT and then to the RIGHT . DARKNESS prevails ., every foot or step of the WAY in three directions .Ahead of us , there is just enough light to have lurking SHADOWS cast behind us . WE sit and then we continue to sit some more …, with very… Read more »

Seriously? Choice?…You are finding inspiration from a jew movie quote that comes from the mouth of the lead nigger actor?….You are fucking kidding right?

Charlie ., if you would take the time to carefully READ and SIFT into the Matrix ( cave) of ” CHOICE ” you would see that it has very little to do with inspiration but every thing to do with bringing to the table / sur-face , some written rhetoric formulated and constructed for the purpose of mental consideration and / or contemplation , regardless the color of its message and where it came from . Leave it alone Charlie if it threatens your ” programming ” …, its your choice . You are missing the Trees cause of the Forest . But if you should see the Source of things in either black or white ( seems like you do ) , then you… Read more »

” regardless the color of its message and where it came from”
I think you are on the wrong site dumbass….good luck with that message here race traitor

” Color of its message ” You need to understand Metaphors and Similes Charlie ” dumbass” Chimp . Definition of ” Metaphor ” from Websters Ninth …, ” a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them .” Figurative language as in example , ” Color Your World ” . My example used here . Also , color ( in this case , a play on words ) can also mean the brilliance or radiance of. Can you actually fathom this Clone Boy ? Your contorted , low leveled ego has erupted and got you on the defensive and as a result… Read more »

Dont be mad at me because I outed you as a jew loving nigger quoting race traitor, all the fancy words in the world cant put that one back in the closet…smh…and I thought this site had standards

Charlie , I am not mad at you but I must say that you are dead wrong when you say that I am a jew loving nigger quoting race traitor . Name calling does not hit a nerve with me and neither does it prove anything , other than your intentional bastardizing . And what makes you think that I am a race traitor ? Would that standard make me ” white ” as far as my comments or the half-assed so called intermediary quotes go ? I share with you and all ., a story line that can hopefully speak for itself in its own manner , as it were . And how are you able to determine the color ( true meaning ,… Read more »