The Return of Tyr: AncientWolf (7-7-15)


I will be talking with AncientWolf about the Dustin Heathman case.

Stand with Dustin Heathman Facebook

Donations for Dustin Indiegogo

Williston Shooter: ‘I didn’t want to kill anybody’

Groups Repeatedly Denied Access to Prisoner

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5 years ago

Dustin Heathman is really centered on the “Discretionary Power Of The Police”. It looks like Dustin Heathman is complaining about the way he was arrested. This incident started around noon, Sunday, June 01, 2014, when Heathman’s father notified law enforcement that Heathman was living inside a home at 17161 N.W. 162 Terrace, Williston, Florida (Marion County). Heathman’s father told law enforcement there were warrants for Heathman’s arrest. The father also stated that Heathman is violent and had numerous weapons inside the residence. Marion County Sheriff’s Office units arrived and soon learned that a vehicle parked in the yard was stolen and a female was most likely inside the home with Heathman. A female exited the residence, but Heathman refused to do so. SWAT was summoned… Read more »

5 years ago

I just find it funny, Pat, that you are constantly telling everyone not to believe the media or the system about anything and now you are taking their word as gospel.

5 years ago

No Blut – I am not taking their word as Gospel. The point I was making is that the Police can decide what level of force to use when they decide to arrest you. It’s “Discretionary”. NO COURT will step in on that issue. The Police can bring a fucking TANK to your house if they think they need it. I didn’t address the issue of Deception at all. Is that case a real case? Frankly, I don’t know because I have not looked deeply into it. Do the Police lie? Yes, often. But none of that changes the fact that they can swarm your house to make an arrest for outstanding parking tickets – if they think they need that level of force. Hopefully… Read more »

5 years ago

@ Pat

I normally just sit back and peruse but… based on EVERYTHING (whew!) you/Dave has posted in these comments sections so far you don’t strike me as a very rational person. Has anyone in REAL LIFE ever told you you talk too much? Do you know the saying about having 2 ears but only 1 mouth? Do you know the one “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”? Yep… just calling it what it looks like…

5 years ago

Did this bitch really defend that fucking Tamir Rice kid who had a VERY CONVINCING looking handgun AND Freddie Gray, who actually did injure himself in the paddy wagon? Who is this dumb cunt and why is she so stupid?

I wouldn’t have such a blue pilled guest on again.

5 years ago

Calm down BOSS, you might bust a blood vessel! I listened to the whole show. There were some good points made but yes this woman seemed a bit biased in her opinion and obviously uninformed or ignorant of a lot of truth regarding race, the cops and some of the cases she discussed. It wasn’t worth getting your knickers in a twist over though. There’s way worse dumb goy out there that would actually sell out their own race at the drop of a hat – direct your rage at them. Just don’t give this show a tick of approval and move onto the next. Remember what I said above about “better to remain silent…etc” and remember that when fighting a war with limited resources… Read more »

5 years ago

“Pa” Nice name. Really nice name there. “I normally just sit back and peruse” It would be great if you went back to that… “don’t strike me as a very rational person” As opposed to what? The high society “white supremacist” conversations you are having all along your merry way? These are internet comments, a discussion, on deception in your “muh media”. “Has anyone in REAL LIFE ever told you you talk too much?” Yup. Usually liberals and fags. Or girls. People who hate thinking because they just want to have fun and stuff. Is that you? Is you fun being interrupted ‘Pa’? I am terribly sorry then. So sorry sir. At this point I can stop summarizing your comment. You provided NO INSIGHT to… Read more »

5 years ago

Hey Pat, no insight here either, just a simple observation – you sound like a complete dick! Cheers, Verona

5 years ago

Well, well – just look at all the Jew Trolls and Infiltrators. Looks like we may even have some garden variety retards – you know the type…typical Walmart Shoppers equipped with a crippled worldview that renders them incapable of critical thinking. Maybe it’s just their depressed IQ due to poor genetics 🙂 Here’s a couple of questions for you Walmart Shopper retards. Are any “News Stories” planted by government agencies? Yes or no – retards… Does the US operate like a Banana Republic with respect to “Controlled News”? Under the control of the Globalist Regime, Television has become nothing more than a tool of persuasion and deception for the advancement of those who control the medium. None of this is “New”. Over 500 years ago,… Read more »

5 years ago

VIRTUL REALITY Watching TV causes fat, dumb Walmart Shopping (m)asses of the Idiocracy to experience reality disorientation. This means that some of you retards don’t have the ability to distinguish unscripted real-life events from: • Created events; • Managed events; • Staged events; • Drills, or even • Entirely fake software imagery depicting events that never happened at all. These can – are are all be transmitted to you on the TV. There are some really good Science Bases methods that can distinguish reality from deception. But I’m not going to waste my time here describing them for a bunch of Jew Trolls and Infiltrators. Way too many people here reinforcing the Manipulated Media’s version of narratives that even a cursory examination reveals are false.… Read more »

5 years ago

LMFAO! Please stop feeding this guy!!!

5 years ago

Sure….”Peroni” – or is it the Homosexual “Persian” from AFP who recent lost his “lover” to anal cancer? “Stop feeding this guy”? Yeah – because I’m letting the air out of your little balloon. “LMFO”? What’s so “funny” about the truth being told? LOL Seriously now – most people here recognize that the alleged jew-holycost is nothing but a lie and smear against the German people intended to “justify” defeating them because they solved the jew banking scam. But that’s the only lie – right? There are no other lies – right? Oswald was the ‘lone gunman’ – right? Sandy Hook was “real” – right? The “Church Shooting” was “real” – right? Traficant “flipped his tractor” just before announcing his Presidential run – right? And… Read more »

5 years ago

“Yeah – because I’m letting the air out of your little balloon.”

I’ll say what everyone else is thinking – ACTUALLY no, you just look like a rambling dolt spewing out every talking point he learned in the last few years by reading articles posted at Mami’s Shit and elsewhere. It’s probably inevitable that you’ll come back with another dumping of verbal diarrhoea in reply but that will only reconfirm what we already know. Have at it clod…

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