The Return of Tyr: Jewish Abuse (7-14-15)

Jewy jews

I will talk about sexual abuse committed by the jewish community, specifically the Orthodox/Haredi/Chasidic community. I will also give an update on the Epstien case, the disgusting practice of “kosher” slaughter in jewish owned animal processing centers, Trump the fraud, #BANTHESUN, and the ever elusive Shylock’s that Joe Biden warned us about.

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6 years ago

“Trump the fraud”? I disagree. I do agree with your other topics.

6 years ago

Jon said – β€œTrump the fraud”? I disagree. I do agree with your other topics.

Jon, it’s usually best to follow up a statement like that by elaborating in at least a paragraph why you disagree otherwise you just appear like an ignorant TV-watcher or even trollish. Just agreeing or disagreeing with someone but giving no reasons why, well, you see how it appears right?

Here I’ll start you off – “I disagree that Trump is a fraud because…”

Have a nice day πŸ™‚

6 years ago

Trump is a Fraud. Watch this video from around the 2 minute mark:
Donald Trumpstein:

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