The Return of Tyr: Moving the Movement (2-22-16)


Drew takes over for Shaun and in the first hours talks about his radio history, “movement” frauds, the Alt-Right, Feels vs Facts, and burning bridges. Takes a couple callers in the second hour and talks about the importance of keeping the pressure on the jewish problem. Then goes into overtime to talk to Rosa about children, child abusers, society, family, and many other issues.

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Love Drew’s shows. Hope he will be back more 😀


Great show, as always Drew. I’ve missed your broadcasts.

Jake Island North

Great Ending Drew ! I too , am sickened by the system ! Jews , as they would conceitingly stand to think or be , are like diamonds …, controlled measures are foistly put into place to have us naively believe that the ” chosen” gem ( jinn , jew ) diamonds , has tremendous value or worth over other ‘ marketable solidified commodoties ‘ = man , when in fact the presently plagued stock of such an opulent and lustrous jew-el ( oops , gem I mean to say ) in its own confinement , is really more than anyone can handle right now !! A surplus of most things becomes a defect in due course . Very briefly ., I too , do… Read more »


Love this coment <3 And Dearest Sinead CONTACT ME! I miss you loads.. Rosa Northern One

Charlie White

Did the Alt Right ever claim to be WN? If they have nothing to do with us and we have nothing to do with them….then why dedicate so much time to them?….I thought the jew was our number one enemy?….Am I missing something?

Charlie White

Was the question too hard?

Return of Tyr

I actually don’t feel like I dedicated much time to the alt-right on the show. I think it is a relevant subject in the context that many people in the alt-right are trying to deflect from the jewish issue, promoting civic nationalism, promoting characters that said one good thing, but over all are degenerates, and trying to force people like us into their movement. I talk about the alt-right because I want people to be wary of it, not blindly accept it at face value like many other movements that our people have fallen prey to.


Hear! Hear! Charlie, you need to open your eyes just a little wider!

Charlie White

Sorry if I offended you. Just was having trouble understanding why a site promoting WN would post so many videos/discussions about things that have nothing to do with WN, you know like Alt Right, flat earth, vaccines, chemtrails, breastfeeding and natural birth, I can get all that stuff at Prison Planet….thats why I came here to begin with

Shabbat Shekelstein

because we are being poisoned by vaccines, jewish pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, chemtrails, etc… and it has a devastating effect on our people? They want to destroy us chemically. It’s very relevant.

Return of Tyr

I understand, no worries. Just because we’re WN doesn’t mean thsts all we talk about. I don’t expect everything to resonate with everyone, but at the end of the day were just people with different interests and questions at the end of the day.