The Return of Tyr: Politics & Priorities (2-26-16)

Trump_Hitler (1)

Drew discusses Trump, Wounded Warriors, the Alt Right, and a bunch of other interesting topics.

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Ridicule & boycott queers. Great vibrant show lady & gents.


Hope you come back as a regular host Drew. Always appreciate the younger perspective.


Great show, but I think it’s wrong to give TRS so much credit and to say Anglin was inspired by them. The truth is, 99% come from /pol/.

TRS is usually fairly entertaining, but in a lot of ways it’s the new eBaum’s World.

They’ve also been affiliated with Richard Spencer since at least 2012 (when he still ran The Alternative Right), which makes their rise seem a little less organic.

Check “Affiliated Sites” on the right.

Really great show. Hope to hear morge from Drew again.

Jake Island North

Drew Quote ; ” Thankyou drunk caller for calling in .” What a hoot ! As I have written ., I do not vote and will not vote . Demo (mob)cracy(rule). Democracy is an illusion which is created to uphold your slavery . I did not leave democracy …, democracy left me . Trump is solidifying the bondage , the servitude , the oppression , the serfdom , the enslavement and the incessant persecution of the Human Race by SPELLING out to the hungry public , his praiseworthy and masterly relationship he has with the Tyrannical Zionist Jews of Israel . Large numbers of us know about the Jewish Cabal and what Trump is ACT_IVELY PERFORMING is seeding an energetic field that could very well… Read more »

Jake Island North

Nice Touch, Glen .

White homeland. The plan needs a beginning, a middle and an end. We all need to examine our plans to see that they are oriented to that end, and also can achieve that end. Street activism hasn’t worked for 70 years. That leaves only a few other options.