The Return of Tyr: The Dividing Line (3-2-16)

fat forney

Drew discusses some interesting characters in the movement, the natural differences between men and women, the artificial divisions that have us hating each other, Matt Forney’s amazing activism on the AltRight, and much more!

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Regarding Mark Weber and the IHR, I recommend checking out the late Michael Collins Piper’s “IHR Files” series of broadcasts from 2009.

Part I –
Part II –
Part III –
Part IV –
Part V –


Mark Weber is not helping us much and the IHR hasn’t either since they ripped it away from Willis Carto.


I am very happy to have Drew back. I think he is always quick to pick up on BS. I realize no one recognizes my name because though I have been listening for a couple years now to all the Renegade shows, never live, I do not chat or comment because I am usually in my car and have so much else to do when I am sitting at my computer.


Great show Drew! It’s awesome to hear another voice of sanity amongst all of this disgusting craziness.


I thought I would download the latest show to see what Tyr is all about. I should have just doubled down and listened the last SS episode. Paul Fromm is obviously not a degenerate, he’s been naming the jews for 3 decades. Does Tyr do any research or is there a siren chanting poison into his ears?

Mow Down The Weeds

clinton said – “…or is there a siren chanting poison into his ears?”

HAHAHA! You alt-lifestyle children are so pathetic & butt-hurt these days! Grow up, grow a pair and get out from behind your kum-stained keyboards for once!


You are going to have to wash your mouth out with soap before you go down on your mother again. Cleanliness is next to godliness after all.

Morten Eichler

I really think these pictures of Paul Fromm are fake.
If you listen to him there is nothing that would indicate such behaviour. Instead he presents really valuable information concerning free speech in Canada and immigration policies in Canada.

Emma Oliveira


Thanks for the interesting podcast. Especially Matt Forney and AltRight. I found this website today. Will check more regularly for sure.