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10 years ago

Why was this guy even interviewed? He sounds like a run of the mill liberal musician. He knows that if he says anything in support of white people he will be attacked and spend the rest of his career apologizing or defending himself. Part of him doesn’t give a shit about white people? Well all of me doesn’t give a shit about him or his music or anyone else who thinks like that.

Reply to  Rabbitage
10 years ago

It sounds like he heard the song’s name and assumed he was pro-white. I’m guessing that’s what happened, and then realized he was just some guy with the usual generic opinions. So I’m guessing he just didn’t research it or talk to the guy privately first.

I agree though, he should have. I don’t think anyone on here cares about this guys music. At least get someone who hints at being pro-white, like the guy from Type O Negative. That would have been interesting. And I guess this guy doesn’t know he was being interviewed by a pro-white website. He talks like we care about his experiences in the music industry.

Reply to  Vincent
10 years ago

That’s not how it all came to be. I found their music on youtube, and enjoyed it. I emailed Mechina, along with a few other bands (of which were racialists), and he was the only one to reply back.

I did research and talk to the guy privately before he came on. He was made aware the type of things we talk about, and was fine with it. I figured the interview could be used as a learning experience, sorry you didn’t get much out of it.

Type O Negative? You mean that band that’s featured on MTV in a photo taken by Jim Steinfeld?

10 years ago

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10 years ago
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