The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 5-27-14

Tonight’s guest is David Yorkshire of Mjolnir Magazine. We will be discussing his new magazine, and the role that art, poetry, and culture play in our current struggle.

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Paul Hickman
6 years ago

Interesting show Drew & Dave. I wanted to call in but was half asleep listening.In case Dave drops by I’ll ask here.

Are you a fan of the Victorian Novelist Thomas Hardy? I have read 4 or 5 of his novels. I remember ‘Tess of the D’Urbivilles’ had much of the story towards the end set at stone Henge. I came across an article recently which talked about the Pagan theme running throughout his books.

I may have missed the Pagan aspect in the others I’ve read?
Under the Greenwood Tree
The Woodlanders
Jude the Obscure
A pair of blue eyes

6 years ago

I concur – an awesome show Drew! Also yet another one I can pass onto people who are unreceptive to the more hardcore stuff as this comes at things from a very good artistic angle but still contains a lot of our ideology. Thanks mate. Keep the quality flowin’ young fella 😉

6 years ago

Hello Paul. Yes, my brain was half-asleep too, as it was the wee small hours of the morning on our side of the Pond. It was sometimes quite hard to think, which is why I’m a bit slow to answer in the interview. Nevertheless, I think it was a pretty good show on the whole. As regards Hardy, I’m afraid I’m not really a fan. He attacks institutions as well as any Marxist, which is why he’s so loved by university professors. It must be said though that he was not a Marxist, although he was probably atheistic and therein lies the answer to your question. The idea that he was pagan is not a new one; in fact, D H Lawrence inferred the same… Read more »

Paul Hickman
6 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Dave. It’s his celebration of the pastoral (in keeping with his romantic influences) I enjoy in his novels. Each to their own of course. Which English Novelists do you like?

It seems Hardy fancied himself a poet (but was better at novels)and William Blake thought himself a great painter,(but was a much better poet).

Are you a fan of William Blake? My favourite poem of his is, The Echoing Green.

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