The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-1-14

kevin sommers

On tonight’s show I will be interviewing Kevin Sommers from The Glaciers March, and The Renegade Tribune. We discuss his medical history, personal awakening, spirituality, and Pagan concepts. For more information on Kevin’s story: Who is Kevin Sommers

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6 years ago

I have to say. This was perhaps my favourite of your interviews. Always a pleasure to hear of new and thoughtful blood throwing their hats into the ring, as it goes. Keep up the good word, both of you!

Jogre A. Gracia
6 years ago

Awesome show Drew, its always nice to met new, nice and interesting people like Kevin Sommers, not to mention they also ad a new perspective to the whole movement witch was refreshing, I wish we could talk more, hey Kevin do you have Skype?

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