The Return of Tyr w/ Drew 7-15-14


Setting Course

Tonight I will be discussing plans and new ideas for the future. I would like for the listeners to call in and voice their thoughts on the direction of Renegade, and what they would like to see us doing in the near future.

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Jorge A. Gracia

On a side note, the Mexicans claim that they are “legal” because the US took territory that belonged to them at one point, well THE MEXICAN GOVERMENT SIGNED the peace treaty that ended the Mexican American war and the American gave the Mexican goverment 15 million dollars, not to mention that the US military had the Mexs on the run and already captured Mexico City, they did lose some land but at least the Americans didn’t do the land grab style of taking every inch of land the military took over at least and they gave them a toon of money 15 million dollars was a lot in those days, and there government agreed to the peace terms so it’s is legally American territory. And… Read more »


I agree with Tom Bowie, Drew, and i tend to agree with your final dissertation, i understand you don’t wanna be just someking of entertainment, you want to make a difference, no matter how little, you want to see progress, you’re right, but some of us just can’t be regulars, by several reasons, including time zone. 14 words! (and 14 trolls 🙂 )



* “somekind of entertainment/er” sorry for the typo!

Yup, the Kosher scam isn’t about some rabbis profiteering off of(Jewish) food companies. It’s a label that helps them pick out healthier options(or just the non-kosher stuff has extra stuff added in. Scott Roberts has done a video on this, I don’t have the link I’m afraid.)

And it’s not that simple either, I’m not saying to go out and buy all Kosher food, most of it is just as unhealthy. The rule of thumb is to always check the ingredients. Beyond the ‘if you can’t pronounce it’ rule the other easy one is ‘less is more.’ When you have the option the product with the least ingredients is most likely to be the healthiest.

It might be true that kosher certified foods have better ingredients than the non-kosher, but it mostly depends on what product you’re buying anyway.

Search out the local organic farmers in your area and start buying your produce from them. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will the farmer.

Jorge A. Gracia

Yea I agree Drew, getting food from a local farmer who dose not use pesticides is probably the best bet at this point.