The Solar Storm: Critiqued – The Sad State of Ireland (5-13-18)

Kyle speaks to Critiqued about the situation unfolding in Ireland, where the indigenous ethnic group is targeted for ethnocide, and how this contrasts and compares with what is happening in other countries experiencing White genocide. Topics include: the lack of resistance to the invasion of Ireland, Project Ireland 2040, the role of NGOs, foreign rulers of the land, upcoming referendums, the EU problem, Bono and more.

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Anthony Roberts

All the Aryan folk of OUR isles need to unite in this fight. We need to reject the poisons of jewish politics, religion and cultural marxism. Our youth need to hear this vitally important message, and act!

Thanks Kyle and i salute the bravery of this man and his channel. His resistance is much needed. Ireland and its people are beautiful ( how England used to be ), and now is the time to fight and retain that natural beauty – our birthright!


The economy huh the cheap labour is good for that, but what happens when the googles of the world and the golf stick swinging ceo’s up and move to china , laying off all those cheap labour workers?we are left then to pick up the pieces of this Ponzi scheme and pay them their welfare.It is quite simply unsustainable. 1 million extra people in Ireland will be a nightmare!


I want to be proud of my Irish heritage, but have a hard time with it. I’m half Irish and and Polish. Growing up in Boston I constantly saw what kind of scumbags the Irish could be. It wasn’t as though it was the rare Irish man or woman that would engage in degenerate behavior. It was rampant. Alcoholism. Drug use. Thievery. Intellectual ignorance. Thug behavior. Slutty women. On and on. Whites beating other Whites(rarely in a one on one fight) because they hung out at a different park. It was ridiculous. I watched South Boston and Dorchester go from being predominantly White Irish towns that non whites would fear going into to becoming black and Asian infested shitholes where the remaining Whites act like… Read more »


Join the discussionRay, I was looing into something about Boston last year and was surprised at how much it has transformed into a multicultural jewishutopia city and wikipedia mentioned that there had been a bIg change in demographics in the last 30-40 years resulting in a significantly smaller proportion of White people in the entire city now cppared to 1970’s and minorities seemed to fill most city government positions although the mayor is supposedly White but totally on board with the jewish Mulrticultural Scoiety, defined as being all minorities no majority , replacement for traditional America. I think jewry does not intend to allow a European culture to remain as the norm for the US. The irish of South Boston were inculcated intentionally with an… Read more »


I was recently made aware of “red lining “ in Boston. Look into that. It had much to do with the demographic shift in Boston.


Just last night on the BBC news panel, they are glowing with their triumphs against the white populations. They are spewing out their mantras of how racist white people are, the right, and even now they are attacking the dirtbag left who gave them they’re platform. They were saying it won’t be long before a ‘minority’ will be in charge of the UK at the same time they’re calling whites racist. In Ireland our scumbag in charge is a homosexual Pakistani??? It’s infuriating. We are being hypnotised and poisoned in to submission. I’m hoping, but I believe we will reject abortion, I hope this happens, this will be a springboard I hope, a sign to people that people need more people like this fella to… Read more »


Ireland has a head of government who is of jewish-Indian background through his father and allegedly an Irish [probably Anglo-Irish] mother. Where are all these jewish Indians derived from – some black-hole in india. The Nkki woman who misrepresents the usA in the un is another I think though I did not find any direct connection but that is secondary to the innate jewish supremacism and entitlement topped with arrogance and hostility to American White people that gives it away. The Irish homosexual man who envisions ireland laden with one million additional subSaharan Africans las a name which ends in ‘kar’ which is associated with a segment of Indian jews.Kamala Harris is another with the entitlement and jewish loyalties. Legal immigration in he US is… Read more »


Getting the Irish divided over abortion when rapefugess are flooding your country is a big distraction. The Irish should be protesting the jews completely destroying your country. As should every White country.


In Ireland perhapps people could ignite some energizing controversy by insisting that theeir public water supply not be fluoridated. Fluoridation is harmful and it’s presence as an additive by government in public drinking water is a big red flag that a hostile elite is in control. We underestimate the actual harm and probably vital role fluoridation plays in tranquilizing the popultion. Today, unlike in much of the past, there is a vast amount of reseaarch demonstrating that ingesting fluoride is harmful and very haarmful to the young and has NO benefit for dental carries. If one wants the insecticide fluoride for dental application topical application either by fluoridated water to rinse the mouth of or more specialized deental products is an individaul choice but may… Read more »


Look at the irish savant blog – he’s quite good! I got to this website through critiqued, love the show well done!


Im sick of rolling around town and seeing mixed black and white people. The white intelligence is gone totally. They sound like ghetto dwelling illiterate thugs. I can’t see why white people still cant see the operation. The Age of Aquarius is about community. The Piecean Age was the age of the individual. They religiously, believe we should all be dumbed down, uncreative beasts like the Nigerians and other non-whites.
The modern-day American negro began in Africa. So, the Jews have studied they’re every motivation and weakness. Mix the dumbest with the brightest and you have a barely functional human animal goy that can only do 3 things…Shit, fuck and fight.


Last night on Irish national tv, the live debate for abortion. The left wing were beaten good. If the media were honest, the no vote would win. Soros gang will get all the media support, but the people don’t want this. The left had no decent argument at all, amazing.. Sinn Fein, the Irish nationalist party fucked themselves last night, Mary Lou is from my neighbourhood…shame on the traitors..

Peter Pigott

JEWISH SOCIAL ENGINEERING! THE BOLSHEVIKS(JEWISH) DID IT RUSSIA. General Eisenhower starved one million German POW’s after the war ended. And he was Jewish! Communism and Zuionism come from the racist, homicidal and supremacist Talmud, the Holy Book of Judaism!

When I was there five years ago the big issue seemed like the eastern European immigration – particularly the Polish. The Irish are too gentle and friendly to do anything about immigrants.


The Irish were slaves, so therefore the Irish must have been originally negroes. Bekuz only the blik mayne wuz be slayvez, BUT WE WUZ KAAAAANGZ, WE WUZ KANGZ FRUM OUTTA SPAYSE YO!

Heathen vegan

For anyone interested in the “leaked report” from IBEC Irelands largest lobby group for business. here it is Hie is a quote from the opening few pages, just so people can see how similar it is to the 2040 project in Ireland.
“The All-Island Investment Project (AIIP) is an initiative
launched by the Joint Business Council (JBC) of Ibec and
CBI Northern Ireland in 2015. Its purpose is to scope the
infrastructure needed to enhance connectivity for an island
of 10 million people by 2050. This initiative has developed
a fresh and inclusive economic vision from the business
community on the island of Ireland, aiming to spread the
benefits across society, sectors and regions.”


Good programme. Only point of disagreement with guest is the question of a hard border between Irealand and Northern Ireland (which is still part of the UK whether you like it or not). If the UK leaves the EU customs union – which i hope- a hard border is essential to prevent invaders travelling through a largely borderless europe to Ireland and then to the uk.

Peter Pigott

Iben Thranholm, a Catholic Danish journalist, marvels at the resurgence of Christianity in Russia. Putin himself talks about Christian morals. If Trump. is under the thumb of Jewish Oligarchs, there is no hope on the horizon for Humanity.

“…while we sadly conclude, that Putin most likely belongs to the Luciferian group of people trying to implement their world government, we know that there will be fierce resistance to these people, when the public realizes the truth.” –

Alexander from Flanders

I do not know what to make of Russia. I am kinda pro Russia from what I can see, but at the same time I have huge doubts.

You say that there is no hope. Not really true. If they have total control they would just execute all of us pro-Whites without any fear of an uprising.

Since they are not doing that; it means they can’t (at least not at this time).