The Solar Storm: David Gahary – Big Pharma (12-6-15)


David Gahary returns to the show to discuss Dr. John Virapen’s work in exposing big pharma and his recent death. John spent nearly four decades plying his trade: helping to gain approval for infamous drugs like Prozac, sweet-talking doctors and their staff to accept his free samples of the latest concoction from his company, bribing opinion leaders and regulatory authority employees, all to get more drugs into the hands of patients, some drugs that came with deadly side effects.

Side Effects: Death – Confessions of a Pharma Insider

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8 years ago

Another excellent podcast, Kyle. We must make the Health Care System in America like An Aryan holistic system and not a Jewish drug and death system. Long Live Holistic Medicine. Down with the drug profiteers.

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

Conspiracy Theory: Kyle was actually interviewing Howard Stern.

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

I believe there are many different ‘secret societies’ existing within the world today. Some are magical orders and others are non-magical orders (example, fraternal societies). These societies hold great influence over the world on the macro level and hold incredible sway on the micro level. In fact, some secret societies control whole towns or cities, and those who wish to practice their arts must be approved by said society. Of course, disagreements ensue and turf wars take place, as practitioners of various paths jocky for influence within local counsels, police forces, military and governments. I would argue the community of Sandy Hook is most likely controlled by a single parent entity of practicing satanists, made up of OTO, various satanic elements, Masons and others, who… Read more »

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