The Solar Storm: Dr. James Sears (8-9-15)


Kyle speaks to Dr. James Sears, founder and leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada and editor of Your Ward News. Topics include: the newspaper and its mission, hate laws in Canada, handling the jewish issue, multicultural gentile collaboration to reverse cultural Marxism, chemically and psychologically feminized men, ideas for saving the White race, “Positive Christianity of the Third Reich, UFOs in Antarctica, and much more!

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8 years ago

Whenever I hear the idea of ‘turn the other cheek’ being discussed no-one ever seems to explains the concept as I knew it as a youngster.
I wonder if only those who were brought up with ‘celtic christianity’ Catholicism in Britain and Ireland ( and maybe parts of France and Spain ) understand this concept.

I am not a believer any Middle Eastern mythology now but if I were still a Christian I would remind the flock that ‘turn the other cheek’ is an act of defiance. It means you will never give up your integrity and principles even if you have been captured, imprisoned, enslaved etc…

By the way Frank, Jesus was not a Jew.

8 years ago

Don’t put on mixed race guests it does not help the White race awaken to their genocide . The guy is mixed race Greek .

8 years ago

WPPO’s Draconian interpretation of “whiteness” reminds me of Hitler’s fatal error in not allying with the White Russian Army in order to defeat Stalin. I guess the Russians were not “white” enough to be brothers-in-arms with the German troops. And I also assume that Golden Dawn, who is on the front lines of saving all of Europe by holding back the ZioBanker hoards, is not “white” enough for the WPPO’s to acknowledge their valuable contribution. Look, I can understand trying to preserve the purity of a race that is able to produce the ideal Aryan beauty of a milky-skinned redhead living on a farm on an island just off the British mainland. I support you in your quest to keep your race pure. However, refusing… Read more »

8 years ago

I understand the strategy of building alliances and broadening the target market but I always cringe when I hear some rube talk about bringing the jews to jesus or the khazar theory.

Only unread mental retards and crypto-jews promote that nonsense.

8 years ago

Sorry, or should I say, congratulations on the last news about Hellstorm:
I guess the so-called French ‘Guiananies’ (if that is the correct name) must have felt very upset about the movie.

8 years ago

I respect the maturity displayed in the way Dr. Sears responded to Frank and people here in the comment section, even if I don’t agree with him on a number of key issues.

8 years ago

Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle disagrees with the typically uninformed anti-Hitler post by Dr. Sears. Hitler’s SS did indeed “ally” with Russian troops. From page 166-167 of Degrellle’s book “Campaign In Russia” – Degrelle explains the issue of “allying with the Russians against Stalin”. “At Moshny we had a platoon of about fifty Russian auxiliaries at our disposition, former prisoners who had enlisted voluntarily in the ranks of the German army. Until then they had been very devoted and very disciplined. But sending them back to fight in their own country had been an error. Their ancestry overcame their new allegiance. At the end of three months their race, their precious race, reasserted its claim. They used to hold long confabulations with the natives, of… Read more »

8 years ago

Great show with a very interesting guest, thanks. I take a similar view to Blut.

renegade said – “Hey Mr. White Genocide/ WPPO jackass, go find somewhere else to troll.”

Good riddance! That Mr White Genocide moron’s been annoying me (flying insect annoying) for ages with his very immature & retarded (in the true dictionary sense) comments around here (and elsewhere by the way). Yep, we know who you are retard and using different names ISN’T covering your tracks or making it seem like there’s “more of you” out there. Idiot.

8 years ago

Great show. Good points done by all, in the end, it’s all a question of semantics, there are words and events that simply are interpreted differently by different people following different filosophies. In the end Dr Sears wins.
And his comment here appears to me more end more like the right way to go, unless you are waiting for somekind of miracle or rapture!
I support the blue bloods in full heart. Let them be the elite of the future.
Nobody goes anywhere without the plebs now!

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