The Solar Storm: Harijs – Examining the Magic of Music (5-20-18)

Kyle speaks to Harijs about: his previous wildcard concerning the history of jews using music to manipulate and exploit, the connections to the mob, his own personal musical journey, connections to the otherworldly, the mathematics of harmony, and much more. Multiple callers participate.

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It’s so frustrating how much of the main stream music business/scene and a lot of the underground too is controlled. It’s bad enough that many of the musicians/singers are Jews/cryptos/Shabbas. And not only are Jews managing the bands/performers and writing the songs. But nearly every major studio, every prominent recording and mixing engineer and producer are Jews. And the major labels are owned/run by Jews. The prominent online platforms to sell/stream music are Jewish. Add to that most all the music software companies that make plugins/DAWs, are Jewish. It’s total control and like ye said it’s been turned into a devastating weapon.


It is controlled by them because they created it from the ground up. Well “created” it, we built all the shit they kike around in.

Chris H

I made an article with some of the music I mentioned in this show. Metko Vizigot Slavic Folk Music Enjoy.


Listen and BE INSPIRED!

“He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly dog — a Christian dog.”
– Ragnar Redbeard


Here is another.
Listen and Be Inspired!

“He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly dog — a Christian dog.”
– Ragnar Redbeard

Darés Dutch

I am since forever into electronic/indie music, a very Aryan thing, and wanna give a few suggestions for you to discover, a few new soothing/experimental /laidback tunes that in my opinion only whites could have made:-) (have an open mind, close your eyes, and travel, think of great and better times for our peoples:-))

Four Tet – Pause

Boards of Canada – Geogaddi

Four Tet – Parks

Arovane – Tides

Kettel – Kirsten

Tarwater – Noon

Royksopp – Melody AM

Funki Porcini

Isan – The race to be first home

Best regards, Darés,

PS,feel free to ask me for more tracks, just ask for my email adres. Could send you an with tracks:-)


I’m proud to be an amerikan, where at least I know I’m free.


The only peter Peter Frampton has is in “his” name. Notice how feminine his face is when they’re doing close-ups starting around the 5:50 mark in this mid-70’s clip from Midnight Special. Frampton also has a distinct Q angle in the legs. Also note the Frampton logo in the background. The “T” is set off from the other letters. The “T” is for testosterone.

John from NC

I’m not sure about him or Perry, but check out some early videos of Wayne Newton, and you’ll see there is no doubt, and that’s going back a long way.


Yes, Wayne Newton is such an obvious tranny. It’s all so sick. Karen Carpenter was obviously a dude. I’m done with all mainstream music. I’ll make my own from here on in and listen to local musicians playing bluegrass and classical.


Another ridiculously obvious tranny is Steve Perry from Journey. A truly odd looking creature. What a fucked up, pathetic world we’re in. (Barf bag warning: unfortunate unHoly Bi-bull verses at beginning of video.)


Kyle, I truly appreciate 99% of your views, but for the scorecard, how many blacks are on your phone and how many times have you invited blacks into your home or been invited into theirs? Your overstated POV concerning blacks makes me wonder how much diversified interaction you’ve ever encountered.


I generally try to avoid insults, but karma’s a bitch!