The Solar Storm: James Lancia – White Police (1-24-16)

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Kyle speaks to James Lancia, former policeman and author of Downtown White Police, about his experiences policing a high-crime non-White area, the direction policing in America has been heading, the effects of political correctness, the White Genocide agenda unfolding across the world, and much more.

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Eva Braun
8 years ago

Loved this interview! Kyle Hunt and James Lancia-these two guys kicked some @ss together. Real answers from real men, thanks guys. BTW, loved the end where you say we need to put petty differences away and unite as European whites before it’s too late. Right on with that!

8 years ago

Hey Kyle, once satisfactorily vetted, somehow you gotta get this guy a regular spot, whether solo, co-host, or whatever. A lifetime of cogent, street level experiential reality extrapolated into an accurate, big-picture real time perspective – very powerful stuff! As a side note, at times while speaking, his voice and his manner was somewhat reminiscent of Christopher Walken. Incidentally, now that I’m thinking of it, this clip of Christopher Walken can never be played enough – – To wit: “It’s too late to be scared; it’s time to kill”. Our race is on the ropes.

Reply to  newstarmist
8 years ago

YEP! Christopher Walken all the way when it comes to voice and mannerisms. I said that to my step-brother whilst we were listening to the show for a 2nd time.

8 years ago

Excellent program, Kyle! Probably the best Solar Storm interview I’ve listened to because it’s one I can relate to so much. From my experience I can vouch for everything James had to say. How so? I grew up and attended grade school in a non-white majority city here in central New Jersey (New Brunswick). There I resided until 1990. On my street there were 3 white families, the rest were black with a smaller percentage of Puerto Ricans. Ditto the surrounding blocks where whites were a distinct minority. Needless to say, noise, trash, fights, public drinking, drug dealing and prostitution was the norm. I for one can attest to the ‘strength’ and ‘wonders’ and ‘joy’ of “diversity.” I attended elementary school, Junior high, etc. during… Read more »

8 years ago

One of the best interviews I have heard in a long time. I have listened to other interviews with Mr. Lancia but this was the best. I felt like he was very comfortable with you and revealed a lot more info and experiences than other interviews. Definitely worth a second listen and purchase of the book.
Thumbs up!

Brion K Baker
8 years ago

Amazing broadcast! Thanks for the inspiration to keep my mind right.

5 years ago

Caught part of this show on rebroadcast this morning on the way to work. I bought the kindle version of the book, read a few chapters during my breaks. It’s very good so far. Listening to the rest of the show now, great interview. Thanks Kyle. I hope James is doing well.

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