The Solar Storm: Karl Radl – Semitic Controversies (2-14-16)


Kyle speaks to Dr. Karl Radl about his website, the history of conflict between jews and Europeans, the lies and atrocities of WW2, the Dresden holocaust, our situation today, and much more.

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Thirteenth Tribe The Khazar Empire and its Heritage
by Arthur Koestler

Whether today’s Jews are in part, mostly, or whatever mix, they still are JEWS. And still our nemesis at war with White gentiles the world over. That is indisputable.

Fifteen years before Koestler’s book, during his Willard Hotel (Washington DC, 1961) revelations, Benjamin Freedman expounded upon both the kikejew Khazarian cause of Germany’s WWI defeat and the resulting travesties of Versailles.


Jake Island North

The Jews are an assault force , as are the Muslims . The mind of a Jew is the mind of an Archonic and Demonic force . There is absolutely no denying that ! As mentioned in this brilliant show , the features of a Jew is distinct and can easily be pointed out within a gathered or herded crowd of pissed degenerates . The Jews are really sub human by nature or by programmed excistence and ergo , cannot realistically function on their own unless they are in depth, mind controlled or conditioned by an outside Dark Force / Entity . In saying this , I am not too keen in hearing ( as some would say ) how mentally organized these Rod-ents seem… Read more »


THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT THE ADL (163 pages) “The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was founded by The Independent Order of B’nai B’rith in October 1913, after one of its presidents of the Atlanta (1912 – 1914), serial rapist-pedophile, and strangler, Leo Frank, was convicted on August 25, 1913 for murdering one of his child laborers, 13-year-old, Mary Phagan. For more than 100 years, the facts of the Leo Frank case, have been distorted in his favor in order to re-write history, rehabilitate him and falsely guilt-shame Gentiles. The ADL Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, pretends to be a civil rights group, but is really a Jewish spy, espionage and politically subversive organization, working to undermine the United States by pushing cultural Marxism into the mainstream, but… Read more »


“It is February 14th, 2016…it is also 71st anniversary of the (fire) bombing of Dresden”

A true holocaust unlike the (symbolic) Jewish one. And the Al-lies and Communist butchers had the NERVE to try Germans as “war criminals”!

gunnlaug ormstungu

Regarding the “who bombed cities first?” section of the show. It was Germany who actually bombed cities first in the case of Warsaw and Rotterdam. In the case of Warsaw and Rotterdam. However, both were being attacked by German ground forces. The British DID deliberately start the aerial war against civilian targets.

A small point here. I agree with your assessment.


Sadly the jews were mistaken about who anointed them the “chosen people”. It was no God of this universe, but rather a demented and psychopathic demiurge. This archontic overlord called them out to spread death and destruction upon this earth. They were chosen by a demon, not a god. I would say they were supremely fooled.

Jake Island North

Absolutely Suzannah ! Judiasm is a racial sentence of death . The Jews are the TRIBE of the Annunnaki . It is this tribe that the Annunnaki uses . Abrahamm was the first Jew . Abraham had a son , Issac . Issac had a son Jacob . Jacob had 12 sons being the 12 tribes of Israel . As you say , the Archonic ( Annunnaki ) promised Abraham , Issac and Jacob land ., thus Israel . IS ( Issac ) RA ( sun god Ra ) EL ( elohim , pantheon of gods ) Christ had 12 disciples . One of them , Judist ( Judiasm the betrayor ) Yahweh ( Jehovah ) chose Abraham and made a covenant with him to… Read more »


Well said. Indeed, the Gnostics warned us of these parasitical creatures and we didn’t listen. Now we are paying dearly.


Sovjet Union had about 160 million citizens early 1930s, not sure why Radl mentioned that 80 million number.