The Solar Storm: Mike Walsh (10-11-15)


Kyle speaks with author, poet, and long-time European advocate Mike Walsh about his history and current events. Topics include: Mike’s upbringing, his involvement with the British Movement and Colin Jordan, their reception by the British public, thoughts about World War 2, the effect of the Soviet Union on Eastern Europe, the racial struggle in the present day, Vladimir Putin as friend or foe, the nationalist uprising in Europe, and thoughts about the future.

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8 years ago

I hate to say that Mike Walsh is wrong on Putin. The amount of time one has spent in a movement does not equal the ability to perfectly assess reality, especially when it involves politics, a field known for intrigue. I don’t know how any one can think that the Jews had such a lock down on Russia for so long, murdering millions without any repercussion, and think that there has been some sort of break in the chain of command, leading to an “independent” Putin. If the Russian government had any allegience to the Russian people as they existed pre-mass murder via jew, then there would have already been government issued publications condemning the jews. We don’t see those publications. Therefore the Russian government… Read more »

8 years ago

As Jai above said – once the “International Conspiracy” has completely usurped control over a country they DO NOT relinquish that control. They may alter the “Flavor” of that control if the “Old System” has become a liability. It is a FACT that Putin has JEW BLOOD. It is NOT DISPUTED that both Putin’s Maternal and Paternal Grandfathers were jews. It is NOT DISPUTED that Putin’s father’s father was Lenin’s Kosher Chef. It is NOT DISPUTED that Putin’s mother’s father was a Bolshevik activist in Ukraine who SUPPORTED THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. Does this mean Putin is a jew pretending not to be a jew? It sure appears that way. It is a very common thing for jews to “Pretend” not to be jews and to… Read more »

8 years ago

Well said Jai. As I’ve got older and “grown up” politically I’ve observed more clearly that others around me also get older but never actually “grow up” that way. People my age & older who cling to their actual communist beliefs (I know one or two) are to me the most juvenile seemingly clinging to nothing more than youthful idealism as they obviously have absolutely no hands-on experience of the brutal reality that that ideology is steeped in. But I see similar behaviour in “team blue” as well. Mind you I come from a country where the majority of the population is currently glued to their TVs worshipping a bunch of semi-grown mainly polynesians (fitting as our national team is called the “All Blacks”) running… Read more »

8 years ago

Great interview. Would be nice if there are some scans online of old Phoneix issues to learn from.

The highly charged debate over Putin within the online red pill pro-White seems to be a lot of noise and uneqivocal stances when I think it’s too heated a division when we are already on the same side: we are red pilled and pro-White.

If Mike thinks Putin is a good guy then so be it. We all need something positive we can look to. Putin is hurting Western power so I cannot see it as a bad thing.

Lawrence "Happy-as-Larry" Forthright
8 years ago

What is the obsession with a communist, ex-KGB agent, who rules the state of Russia with an iron fist? Putin has instituted multiple anti-White laws and has cracked down on nationalism. How can any sane man know the mind of another, yet alone a political leader living in the former Soviet Union. These are statesmen of the highest craft, who work with other global elite and see the global political scene as a game of chess (with the final victory being the extermination of the Aryan race). Therefore, one must conclude, any individual with a man-crush on Putin must have an agenda and a shit one at that. One must then deduce ‘what’ Walsh’s agenda is and why any reasonable man would suggest Western European’s… Read more »

8 years ago

Hap, you say “one must conclude, any individual with a man-crush on Putin must have an agenda and a shit one at that.”

You can conclude that if you choose to but it ain’t a necessary conclusion.

Asserting that Putin is absolutely a fraud is about as certain as asserting absolutely that he’s the real deal.

It seems that Stalin, for all his evils, recognized the need to de-Jew the Soviet power structure. Maybe the “iron grip/lock” was broken.

Crushing ZOG’s ISIS weighs heavier in the balance than posing with the Lubbies.

As you say, how c

8 years ago

@Lawrence “Happy-as-Larry” Forthright Your post is one such example. When somone prefers Putin over the Jewnited States then that must mean they are dumb/gay/troll/shill/weak. It is hysterical bullshit. Who should we PREFER instead? John McCain? Obama? A clone copy of Ronald Reagan? Yes Putin is shit, the identity of Post Communism Russia is built upon the same negative legitimacy as communism and liberalism: ‘anti-racism’ and ‘anti-fascism’. However: 1. A multi-polar world is better than a unipolar world 2. Putin’s actions are threating the US petrodollar At this time if it reduces the power of the USA then all things equal that helps nearly all White people. It is important that people understand the other side of Putin but by writing comments like your not educating… Read more »

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