The Solar Storm: Nathan Stolpman – #QAnon & Civil War PsyOps (7-8-18)

Kyle speaks with Nathan Stolpman from Lift the Veil. Topics include: Nathan’s wild ride covering current events, the QAnon conspiracy theory and its role in cognitive infiltration of the alternative media, the real scandal involving Russia and the Chabad Mafia, the Trump dimension through time, the end times plan, and more.

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Self admitted schizo and actor equipped with an imdb. My jewdar went through the roof looking at this guy. And the fact that he’s still up on jewtube tells me all I need to know. Now we wait for a “psychotic episode” to discredit any truths he may have told. Gross. Alt media is INFESTED. This is why I want nothing to do with it.


Spot on.


Jews exposing jews. How original. How unique. This reminds me of what Richard was reading the other night about Poland, and how Poland is now appearing to be a ”beacon of light” for all rational, logical and moral folks to look to with their sane non-immigration policy and their benevolent politicians who actually do what they say, and are protecting their citizenry. It boggles my mind how quickly people can forget that Poland is owned and operated by jews. There was a caller on a roundtable a few weeks back from Romania, who lived in London, America and parts of Europe, who talked about how jews have learned not to shit where they eat. (I can’t recall his name, but he was a great contributor… Read more »


Excellent comment Amber. This reminds me of how much of Poland during the Black Plague outbreak was not affected by the outbreak while the rest of Europe was and why? Because during the early 14th century jews were being ”persecuted” and mass expelled in many parts of Western Europe and these jews then migrated and settled in Poland, creating the largest jewish community in Europe the coming years at that time. This mass migration of jews into Poland happened a few years before the first outbreak of the plague. So of course the plague did not affect Poland considering the jews were the ones who were behind the spread of the plague so they wouldn’t want themselves to suffer under it.. Same thing now with… Read more »


Whats with their intense hate for white people exactly? And do they intend to turn the Asian countries into turd world too?


Please don’t delete this comment, I’m seriously curious as to why they hate white people so much? I know they do and I’ve been listening to many renegade shows and researching this for a while now but I still can’t figure out what the deal is? They used Alexander the great to try to do the whole mixed race thing back then but it failed. Why are they so diligent to get rid of whites, it doesn’t seem like they are focusing on anyone else?


The most basic answer to your question is that Whites are the biggest hurdle to their plans right now. Just like white blood cells in the human body, they know that once the immune system is compromised the virus is free to do as it wants to the unprotected human body.

If you want an answer from a more historical perspective, look up Charles Giuliani’s Tribe of Dan shows. Whites and jews have been going at it for millenias it seems, so it would come to no surprise to me if it became some sort of personal vendetta that was somehow written in their own DNA throughout the years…


Ty is this Nathan Stolpman?

You mean, the jews have been mass murdering whites using their mongol and other Shabbos goyim

Yeah, he has 43k subscribers which is on the high side for a “truther”. Return of PMTMR, Scott Roberts, and Truth Hertz all had at most a few thousand subscribers on their jewtube channel.


What happened to Pmtmr ? And is there a possibility to recover somehow videos from Return of Pmtmr or are they forever gone ?

If he’s dead, then his videos are likely gone forever. But even if he’s alive, they could have stolen his computer and all the contents on it.

I discuss PMTMR on a few of my videos. Look for Super Beagle on youtube.

Look up Mr.GeorgeJettison – this is an older channel, but they are still up


Please, don’t be discouraged Sinead. More people are aware than ever before thanks to people like you. That’s a fact. Our (most of us like me) problem that we currently face is the lack of initiative. If there’s one thing we can learn from Jews, it’s perseverance.

I’ll stop being discouraged once my son has a future. I appreciate your support. I’m beyond jaded at this point.


“Stolpman” sounds very Jewy surname as well.


As soon as Q started repeating the whole “Angela Merkel is Hitlers Daughter” rhetoric, I was off that train for good.

Anthony Roberts

I think you are spot-on Kyle, linking the jew with their 2800 goyim slaves each, and the G-guidestone written spell of 500M population. They have to tell us with magick.

Q is just a (((scripted))) netanyahu-flix show for gullible Whites. A 24hr dope opera that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and inactive!

PS It’s good that Renegade can educate “neutral” journo’s on their weak areas like: real nazis, the homo agenda, Trump predictive prog etc. They learn something new too. Cheers both.


Woah… cue the thunder in the background at 1:54!
Right when Kyle’s talking about the georiga guidestones population reduction….
A storm is coming….
Excellent interview Kyle.
Something about this guys voice is just ”off” to me..
I hate admitting that since it sounds so baseless, but there’s just something about it. I just can’t quite place it.. like T-Matt.. very slick, polished..
Like Sinead, I sense a rat, a very dangerous one since he does seem to ‘go along’ with the important issues.
Only time will tell if this ex- Maserati / Bentley dealer turned ”truth seeker/teller” really is who he says he is.
The truth ALWAYS comes out.
The scum may rise to the top, but it always ends up at the bottom of the barrel.


Edit – The Storm is here!


Great show with lots of important info


I was never able to hop on the Jew-Anon bandwagon. I was able to maintain a level of sanity.


How can you NOT see what’s happening? When everything that’s happening in ALL these countries is the very thing PUTIN has been begging for. The WEAKENING of western alliances. As long as we hate each other, were doing his job. TRUMP IS PUTIN’S WEAPON. Think thats crazy??? Consider this… EACH AND EVERY SINGLE decision he made has been controversial. Divisive. Peter Strozk followed and shadowed this Russian couple for TEN YEARS. They went to HARVARD. Their kid didn’t even know they were Russian. This should tell you how DESPERATE they have been trying to penetrate the USA. PSYCHOLOGY: All of this crap is A LOT simpler than most think. STEP BACK! Take a group of people. Blacks, whites, gays, republicans americans argentinians… i mean LITERALLY… Read more »