The Solar Storm: Robert Bitto – The Unexplained Parts of Mexico (6-10-18)

Kyle speaks to Robert Bitto of Mexico Unexplained about a wide variety of topics: the mass influx of Mexicans into the US and what kind of culture comes with it, what part race plays in Mexico, how their history influences their perspectives, White gods, the spiritual and “superstitious” beliefs, reports of cryptids, UFO disclosure, and other weird stories from South of the Border.

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Anthony Bourdain…. the Wandering Jew. 🤣🤣! But seriously, good show. The Mexican issue, genetically speaking, is complex and worth looking into, (obviously) especially in America.


One possible explanation for feathered god Quetzalcoatl, is that he was able to fly, like a bird. Ancient people thought very symbolically. There are also tons of stories of feathered serpent all over South America. What noise snakes do, when they are scared or angry? They hiss. Another words, they described an object, that could fly and made a hissing noise. Feathered serpent myth is also present of course in norse mythology, even shape of viking ship reminds of reptoid with wings. All another realm is extremely bizarre archeological discoveries all over Mexico, that scientists haven’t even tried to explain yet. Like hundreds almost perfectly round huge stone balls in the middle of the forest or at the sea shore. Not to even mention elongated… Read more »

Robert Bitto

Excellent points.


Related, a very recent major discovery of ancient cities in Mexico: “That is a huge area with a lot of people and a lot of architectural foundations that are represented,” said Fisher. “If you do the maths, all of a sudden you are talking about 40,000 building foundations up there, which is [about] the same number of building foundations that are on the island of Manhattan.” The team also found that Angamuco has an unusual layout. Monuments such as pyramids and open plazas are largely concentrated in eight zones around the city’s edges, rather being located in one large city centre. Of course the archaeologists state some conspicuously recent dates for these massive cities unearthed. Because of course they could not be of a… Read more »

Robert Bitto

I’m not “hastily dismissing Quetzalcoatl” after years of studying this stuff. In fact, I said I was “putting it on the shelf” for now. There is no evidence of this specific god being bearded or white before about 30 years after the Conquest. The new research I mentioned had to do with people taking a look at this objectively and seeing where this “white bearded god” story actually originated. There are no murals, codex depictions, or even legends that Quetzalcoatl had a beard or was white before the apparent Catholic “revision” of the myth. This new line of research surprised even me. As I mentioned on the show, even if we cast him aside, there are other white gods in history/legend in other ancient Mexican… Read more »


It’s compelling hearing Robert Bitto talk about Mexico, interesting insights about differences with US, both positive and negative. Craziest thing I ever did was fly to Guadalajara by myself in my 20s, but culture shock was so great, I stayed just over 24 hours. It was a realization of “running from myself” moment, and a turning point, but part of it was I didn’t feel safe, an eye opener.

Robert Bitto

Callwen, Yes, the differences aren’t just “taco trucks.” Guadalajara has great weather and a nice colonial core. It doesn’t sound like you were there long enough to experience those, but first impressions are always the best. I’m a big advocate of “going with your gut.” Thanks for listening to the show and for taking the time to comment.


In my 24 hour visit, I did walk the historic district and saw some impressive Spanish architecture, got my picture taken with one of those old cameras, saw a lot of VW beetles (!), then was serenaded by a mariachi band at the airport. I was surprised so few spoke English, but then why would they need to? I’d go back someday, under the right circumstances and to the right place, and not a solo chica. I bet you could write an interesting tour book from all your travels. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Missed this when live program happened. Halfway through listening to replay and OH PSHAW! I wish I had been able to call in. Kudos to Kyle & his guest Robert Bitto.

Robert Bitto

Hi Elena. Thank you for listening!

Thank you for explaining the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. So many appear to be clueless about that treaty. Also thank you for explaining the cultural differences and especially re: age of consent. I studied Spanish for 4 years in high school and when I finally met many Spanish-speaking Mexicans & Latin Americans I deeply regretted the waste of my time studying Spanish. BTW I worked on the Proposition 187 initiative to stop the immigration invasion. Links for newbies: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Proposition 187 (Save Our State):

Foster XL

Sorry for posting this comment here but I don’t use the chat & there’s not really anywhere to post general comments… New TV series just started called Strange Angel & is all about Jack Parsons. I know at least a couple of hosts have covered this guy before but just look at the kind of stuff they’re putting on TV now! Here’s the show description – “Strange Angel, a drama series created by Mark Heyman (Black Swan, The Wrestler) and based on George Pendle’s book of the same name, explores the dramatic intersection between genius and madness, science and science fiction. The story follows the life of Jack Parsons, a mysterious and brilliant man in 1930s Los Angeles, who by day helps birth the entirely… Read more »

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